The Generational Outreach and Access (GenOA) Committee is the latest initiative at RMYS. Targeted (But not restricted) to members aged 18-35+, this sub committee of member services has a mission to engage with younger members and improve access to facilities to appeal to new members through the following objectives:

– To organise events targeted to younger members.
– To facilitate connections between younger members and skippers or boats.
– To increase engagement between younger members and the club’s facilities.
– To include the perspective of younger members in club developments and opportunities

The GenOA’s meet on the last Friday of every month for a laid back and mainly social committee meeting followed by drinks in the Olympic Bar. There’s usually a theme so make sure to check back and see what antics they’ve been up to as they work.

Whats coming up with the GenOA Committee

Monthly Meeting!

Next Meeting: Jan 28th

Join us for our monthly meeting on the final Friday of the month as we review the current committee activations while socialising at Olympic Bar. If you haven’t come along before and would like an introduction, please email Nadine, our committee chair, at

BYS Interclub Regatta

Saturday December 18, 2021 from 10am

To help further the GenOA name and encourage younger engagement at RMYS the GenOA Committee, with support from Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron have entered a team into the BYS interclub youth regatta! But not only that, they are planning an on-water cheer party and picnic, showing support for the team and celebrating holistic engagement for younger sailors. If you’d like to come along to help support the team, bring a boat and a picnic or contact Nadine, our committee chair, at

What’s been happening lately with the GenOA Committee

The GenOA’s have been very busy of late, meeting twice in the last two weeks. First they met Friday November 26 for their November Committee Meeting, Second they met on Saturday December 4th for their White Party on the Pier.

The White Party was a great event for the GenOA’s, even with having to relocate into the yard due to inclement weather. With a turnout of approximately 50-55 attendees,  everyone getting to try some delicious Paella, and the event coming in well under budget, we can definitely consider this event a great success.

At their November committee meeting they were very busy with plans for the White Party, the Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron Interclub Youth Regatta, the Wednesday Twilight GenOA League, the Off the Beach GenOA Junior day and their new sustainability project.

Two key elements they would like to announce following this meeting are:

The GenOA Environmental Sustainability Project – Starting Jan 2022 new bins will be placed around the marina specifically for collecting Aluminum Beer and Soft Drink Cans. The collection of these cans is an endeavour to raise money for further environmental sustainability implementation around the club. Keep an eye out for these bins being posted at the main arm of the Marina with more details about the project being announced shortly.

The GenOA League – Running every second Wednesday Twilight in 2022, boats will be encouraged to ensure they have a minimum 30% members under 35 years old onboard to be eligible for an additional end of season trophy! More details to come.

Click here to check out the full minutes from this meeting.

If you have any questions about the GenOA Committee or are interested in joining please contact Committee Chair, Nadine Tabak, at

The GenOA committee is focused on having a no commitment entry requirement, however, encourages involvement at any level. If you are interested in getting to know more about the GenOA committee, contact the committee chair, Nadine Tabak on