The GenOA’s

The Generational Outreach and Access (GenOA) Committee is the latest initiative at RMYS. Targeted (But not restricted) to members aged 18-35+, this sub committee of member services has a mission to engage with younger members and improve access to facilities to appeal to new members through the following objectives:

– To organise events targeted to younger members.
– To facilitate connections between younger members and skippers or boats.
– To increase engagement between younger members and the club’s facilities.
– To include the perspective of younger members in club developments and opportunities

The GenOA’s meet on the first Friday of every month for a laid back and mainly social committee meeting followed by drinks in the Olympic Bar. There’s usually a theme so make sure to check back and see what antics they’ve been up to as they work.

Update from the GenOA’s

This month the GenOA Members met for an OpShop Fancy Dress themed committee meeting where they moved ahead with plans for increasing GenOA aged engagement at the club. Current plans the GenOAs are working on include representative schedules for engagement with RMSTA attendees, personalised invites to new members, a variety of on water opportunities as well as formalizing their Terms Of Reference and Standard Operating Procedures. The GenOAs will soon be very recognisable in the bar as not only do they now have head shots, but they will also soon be sporting GenOA pins!

The next GenOA committee meeting will be held August 6th, 2021 and will be Under the Sea Themed.

If you’re interested in joining the GenOA committee, flick an email through to Committee Chair, Nadine, on, or if you just want to come along and support us, come say Hi! in the bar as we grab a post meeting drink from 7:30pm on August 6th!