Coinciding with Wednesday Twilight Series, the GenOA League is designed to promote opportunities for younger members on boats. Any RMYS boat racing in the Wednesday Twilight Series may enter, providing they have one person under 35 onboard throughout the race.

Results are updated regularly below.

Summer Twilight Series II Winner
Race 1 Blue Horizons
Race 2 Double Shot
Race 3 Double Exposure
Race 4 Sunshine
Race 5 Matador
Race 6 Blue Horizons / Sea Eagle
Race 7 Vella Star
Race 8 Vella Star / Akala
Race 9 Morticia
Summer Twilight Series I                 Winner
Race 1 ABN
Race 2 Tie – Blue Horizons and Matador
Race 3 ABN
Race 4 Siren
Race 5 ABN
Race 6 ABN
Race 7 Marie Grace
Race 8 ABN
Race 9 ABN