New Sailors in their Training Membership at a Sail Training Lesson
More Sailors in their Training Membership at a Sail Training Lesson

Get Access to a Professional Sailing Academy

The Training Membership is a fantastic way to learn and progress to reach your goal in sailing. The Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron and its Sail Training Academy are offering a pathway to any sailor. Each of our members deserves an individual plan to become a good sailor. Do you want to learn how to sail and be a part of a crew? We have a program for you. Whether you want to learn to be a skipper or to become a racing sailor, we have a bunch of courses for you. Our 15 instructors are talented sailors and teachers, they’ve sailed for years or race at a high level; we’ve handpicked them so they can best help you and they are all qualified.

What’s Included in a Training Membership:

  • Sailing member benefits

Plus (at no extra cost)

  • Access to all training courses (listed below)
    • Keelboat
      • Start Crewing
      • Start Helming
      • Start Skippering
      • Spinnakers
      • Start Racing
    • Dinghy
      • Start Sailing 1
      • Start Sailing 2
      • Better sailing
      • Start Racing
      • Better Racing
    • Powerboat
      • Powerboat Handling
      • Safety operator
    • Special coaching
      • Special course focused on your own weakness
    • Special Mentoring
      • Build your experience with owner on their boat
  • Casual sail practice and racing (Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday) unlimited
  • Special racing program *
  • Special cruising program*
  • Race management training
  • Boat maintenance training
  • Access to Member facilities on the days of your courses and crewing days

At a discounted cost:

  • Marine Radio VHF and HG
  • Coastal Navigation
  • Any course run casually

How does it work ?

  • Step 1: You apply on our website form below on this page
  • Step 2: We contact you to book an individual appointment. We will discuss your expectations and how you want to achieve them
  • Step 3: We plan a 12-month pathway with you, including courses, coaching, and hands-on experience. You can book 9 courses per 12 months
  • Step 4: You enjoy and enjoy and enjoy!
  • Step 5: We frequently assess your progress and modify your pathway if needed.
  • Step 6: If you have done more than 9 courses, you can book extra courses with additional fees (special discounts are applied).**


$175 (GST Included) per month, 12-month membership

RMYS Training is an accredited Australian Sailing Discover Sailing Centre, with experienced & friendly instructors delivering nationally recognised programs. All instructors are qualified through Australian Sailing.

Twelve-month contract – direct debit or credit card authorization (early termination fee may apply). Courses must start and conclude within the 12-month ‘Training Membership’ period. Course bookings are subject to availability. Course bookings are subject to account currency. The Training Membership is a one-time introductory offer option for those new to sailing or coming from RMYS Training or the Sail Pass scheme. (Not repeatable). Training Members will automatically transition to Sailing Members after the 12 months of Training Membership have elapsed (unless otherwise advised by the Member).

* these courses are run during external events and are subject to extra fees.

** 50% for a resit / 25% for your own benefit

Membership Application Form - Training
Apply here:

Emergency Contact

Proposers and Seconders or References (Required)

Applications for RMYS Membership must come with a Proposer and a Seconder. These need to be existing Senior or Sailing Members at RMYS for a minimum of 1 year.

Otherwise, if you do not have contact with Senior or Sailing Members at RMYS, please attach 2 letters of reference from referees (friends, family or colleagues) who have known you for at least 5 years.

Maximum file size: 52.43MB

Must provide two letters of reference. Referees must have known you for min. 5 years. May be family, friends, or colleagues.


Monthly charges:
Training Membership: $175 (GST Included)

Please note: On your first statement only, there will also be a one-off charge of $55.00 for the activation of your Member Fob Key.

Membership FOBs are non-transferable. FOBs issued to individual members are for the member’s use only and must not be transferred or given to any other persons.

I understand and agree to the above charges.
I wish to pay my monthly account fees via:
We will not take any money at this stage. After you have submitted your application, a member of our team will be in contact with you to finalise your application.