IMPORTANT: To be able to use a Sail Pass at RMYS, you must be fully vaccinated. Proof of vaccination status is a requirement to enter our premises under Victorian law. If you purchase a SailPass and you are not fully vaccinated you will not receive a refund.

What is a Sail Pass?

SailPass is the perfect way for new sailors to get involved in Sailing!

A SailPass allows the holder to sail as crew in our Wednesday and Saturday races. It is a casual entry point, open to people of all experience levels. Safe, quick and inexpensive, Sail Pass allows you to get involved on a casual basis for only $15 per sail!

You must be over 18 year of age to use a SailPass.

How do I get a Sail Pass?

To get a Sail Pass, you first need to download the MemberPoint app onto your mobile device.

  1. Get the Memberpoint app on your mobile phone by searching ‘Memberpoint’ in your device’s App Store.
  2. Find a boat that is looking for crew.
  3. Purchase a SailPass.
download from the app store

How to use MemberPoint:

Once you have opened the App, you will then need to Register, after that every other time you will Log in.

How to Register

How to Purchase a Sail Pass

Video Guides for MemberPoint:

Click Here to check out the HOW TO USE videos.

Get ready for your adventure…

What to Wear:

A waterproof jacket and comfortable clothes are recommended. Non-marking, white soft soled shoes are essential. Life jackets will be supplied.

When and What Time?

  • ​Wednesdays – Arrive 12.30pm in winter (April to September) or 4.30pm in summer (October to March).
  • Saturdays – Race start times vary on Saturdays, so it is best to contact the office to check the arrival time and suitability of the race.

Other things to note…

Food Service: An a la carte lunch is available for purchase before the Wednesday winter races and dinner is available after the Wednesday summer races. Bar snacks are available at other times.

Unused sail passes will only be refunded if RMYS cancels the race.

Maximum Number of SailPasses:
An individual may only purchase a maximum of 12 SailPasses. Any person who is purchasing multiple SailPasses is encouraged to Become a Member.

Kindred Clubs:
Royal Yacht Club of Victoria, Hobsons Bay Yacht Club, Royal Brighton Yacht Club, Sandringham Yacht Club, Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron, Mornington Yacht Club, Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club, Royal Geelong Yacht Club

For more information or to check the racing conditions, please contact Colin Burgess (Boating Manager) on 9534 0227 or