Recreational Boating Group (RBG)

The recreational sailing group is open to all types of boat, Sail or Power, Big or Small with the emphasis on enjoying your vessels on the water in a less competitive and family friendly environment 

RMYS has an active and social cruising group. The highlight of the cruising calendar is the Flinders Cruise in March each year, which culminates in a seafood extravaganza at Flinders Yacht Club. We also offer monthly on water activities as well as Squadron Sunday Sailing at the end of every month, ideal for those looking something a bit more competitive but still relaxed and safe. 

Cruising Calendar of Events -2020/21

Cruise St Kilda to Queenscliff                        21/22 Nov 2020

Summer Progressive Dinner (to Docklands)        16 Jan 2021             

Cruise – St Kilda to Safety Beach                   20 Feb 2021               

Cruise – Safety Beach to St Kilda                    21 Feb 2021             

Flinders Cup – Cruise                                        6 Mar 2021       

Mussel Run – Portarlington & Geelong          02 April 2021