The recreational boating group is open to all types of boat: Sail or Power, Big or Small with the emphasis on enjoying your vessels on the water in a less competitive and family friendly environment.

RMYS has an active and social cruising group. The highlight of the cruising calendar is the Flinders Cruise in March each year, which culminates in a seafood extravaganza at Flinders Yacht Club. We also offer monthly on-water activities as well as Squadron Sunday Sailing at the end of every month, ideal for those looking something a bit more competitive but still relaxed and safe.

Next Event: Handy Boat Stuff To Know

Date: 15th August 2021
Duration: 11oo – 1330 approx
Contact: Rob Ellis – or via the office

This event will look at some of the basics of boating equipment that you should consider when heading out for a day or more. It is a great precursor to our next on water event which is a cruise to Wyndham Harbour where you will need to anchor up and use yours tenders to get ashore for a BBQ on the beach.

We will be looking at importance of a grab bag, where to store and how to find, then discuss some of the contents you might want to consider having in the bag (bring your own if you have one and show us what you have put inside)

We will have Mr Harry Lewis from Offshore products coming in to talk about flotation devises and care.

Finally, we will have a show and tell and discussion on tenders and powering options, I will be bringing in a couple of electric options including a self-contained lithium power 3hp torqueedo.

We will carry out this activity in the club and yard, ensure you register as numbers may be limited and not to interfere with other activities that may be going on like the juniors or training etc.

Kick off at 11 am should wind up by 1:30pm then have a BBQ with an option to head up to the bar for drinks.

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