Welcome to RMYS. There is lots to know about your new club. Here is a quick cheat sheet brought to you by your Club Captain.

Remember it is your club and everyone is here to help you make the most of it. There is no need to be embarrassed if you don’t know something… we all started at that point once.

The below guide covers racing, recreational boating, what to do when something breaks, who to call when you need help and much more!

Jason McCutcheon Club Captain


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    Racing typically occurs Saturday afternoons, Wednesday Twilight (in summer) and afternoon (in winter), read more about that here. You can find the time and event details in the Notice of Race. Navigate to the top bar to hover on (or tap on ≡), then ON WATER, then select RACE DOCUMENTS, you’ll end up on this page, . You can also look at the CALENDAR to see what races are coming up.
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    But… haven’t raced before/need a crew/need help. No problem. We are the friendliest club on the bay, so we’ll bombard you with TLC. Speak to Jan or Ann in the office in person or by phone at 95340227 or by emailing members@rmys.com.au or boating@rmys.com.au. Failing that, ask another member.

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    Cruising The recreational boating group does periodic events for both motor and sailing boats, including the famed progressive dinner. Link up through boating@rmys.com.au.
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    I’ve broken the whatsit on the dohicky. How do I fix it? Everyone breaks things. It is somewhat of a rite of passage for new (and old) owners. Don’t stress; ask another member for advice, or Damien Ryan, our operations manager, is a great source of wisdom. Introduce yourself to him, call the office or email opsmanager@rmys.com.au.
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    I need help getting into the pen or I need training… Grant, our training manager, is a great place to start. Speak to him in the office in person or by phone at 95340227 or by email at training@rmys.com.au.
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    I need to take some heavy stuff out to my boat. There are wheelbarrows and trolleys for your use or ask Damien for help.
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    Can I store my bike/ can I get a locker? Yep. Chat to Jan in the office. Yes, speaking to the office is a reoccurring theme!
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    How can I meet more members? Lots of ways such as crew on someone else’s boat, volunteer, come to some of the events we put on, introduce yourself to your neighbour or just say hi to someone in the bar.
  • 9
    Parking is expensive… Members are entitled to a foreshore club parking permit from the city of port Philip for a nominal fee. Or catch a tram or ride a bike…
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    Communication Make sure you are on the RMYS members’ Facebook group, download the MemberPoint app, and read eBreeze weekly.