Ranne Trophy

Trust: $1000 (Perpetual)
Description: Shallow bowl mm high with narrow raised ornate edging around lip edge, shaped in to solid stem having upper annular ring, then multi-stepped down to a solid footing. Has high mounted thin sectioned handles, stands on solid multi stepped footing upon a 75mm high black base having winners’ inscription shields around
30.3.1934 A 1 CLASS RACE
3RD TIME 3.27.45
Added in 2005 RANEE TROPHY

An historic trophy from1934, given by the executors of the late R.N. Johnson to Harry Russell (Charmar Pty Ltd) to be re-donated to the Squadron, was originally presented for the St Kilda to Queenscliff Easter Regatta A1 Class Race.

One side of the cup is engraved accordingly and awarded on 30 March 1934 to R.N. Johnson with ‘Ranee’. ‘Ranee’ was formerly named ‘Heather’ and is pictured in The Long Hard Beat (Page 111), LWL30ft, Club Champion 1924-25, 1926-27 and later wrecked at Mornington.

In December 2005 Harry Russell committed to donate a perpetual trophy for the yacht which starts closest to its scheduled start time in the summer twilight series, the Jo Johannesen and L.A. Nangle Series. Timing and recording of start times to be actioned by the Tower Race Officers. Harry Russell obtained permission to engrave the other side of the Easter Regatta Trophy as the Ranee Trophy.

Scoring is to be only for the four best starting times in each race and points are accrued as follows:

  • Yacht/s with the best start time will be awarded 3 points each
  • Yacht/s with the second best start time will be awarded 2 points each § Yacht/s with third best start time will be awarded 1 point each
  • Yacht/s with fourth best start time will be awarded .5 of a point each
  • Yachts starting in a race do not have to complete the race to qualify.

After the last summer L.A. Nangle Series Pursuit Race the yacht with the highest number of points accrued will be the nominated trophy winner. Should multiple yachts in either 1st, 2nd or 3rd positions have the same point score a count back will be actioned and the yacht with the higher number of starting positions will score higher.

A set of name plates were to be purchased and affixed to the base to show Season winners. A donation of $1000 was promised to R.M.Y.S. towards an ASF approved project. It was suggested the club provide an annual memento for the winners.

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