On Friday 15th Jason McCutcheon, Greg Patten and Ann Rogers visited the Ports Victoria HQ to meet with Deputy Harbour Master David Tilsley and Senior Navigation Services Officer Paul Fleming to discuss proposed courses and mark usage specific to RMYS .

One thing we learned is that now the Spirit of Tasmania runs from Geelong, the Eastern Channel is being used more.  Most courses don’t go through the channel, and for those that don’t, there is little change, but we have been asked to create an exclusion zone to keep everyone clear.  We will be amending the Sailing Instructions to keep the fleet east of T15, T19, T21, T23 and T25 and channel markers 71, 73, 75, 77 and 79.  If perhaps due to breakage or loss of control, please contact Race Management so they in turn can alert Melbourne VTS.

David and Paul stressed that we can still run races across the channel, but we need to manage the risk appropriately.

Also affecting our course area are late changes to shipping activity in the channel, which may affect our long distance races.  Our standard operating procedures will change a little to perhaps to delay the start, or to ask for a radio call during the race.  Race Officers will be briefed on some other changes as well.