Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron is pleased to provide the youth of todays with a fun and safe introduction to sailing and other water activities via the OutThere Sailing (OTS) program.

OTS is aimed at 11-17-year-olds who would like to try sailing and powerboating.

Our sailing programs are run in an array of 1-3 person dinghies and keelboats and are specifically designed to allow young sailors to have fun, make new friends, and learn new skills in an encouraging and safe environment.

Why OutThere Sailing?

  • Having fun while experiencing sailing.
  • Socialising with friends and making new ones.
  • Learning how to sail in an inclusive environment.
  • Developing life-long friendships and learning team skills.
  • Being with your age group.

The program is about having fun, spending time with friends while learning new skills and is delivered by qualified Australian Sailing Instructors.

OutThere Sailing also focuses on the social element of a club environment, simply enjoying time spent with peers whether that be on the water, on the beach, or in the clubhouse.

OutThere Sailing Experiences offer a casual, short experience of the full program. If you enjoy your experience you are more than welcome to continue with your group and take part in the full program.

The OutThere Sailing pathway

Program Outline  Cost
OutThere Sailing    Experience (4 hrs) This course is all about having fun and getting a taste for on water activities.   $50pp
OutThere Sailing 1 (12hrs) This course provides a wide variety of on water activates that will give you an introduction to the basic sailing skills. $330pp
OutThere Sailing 2 (12hrs) This course progresses participant sailing skills and knowledge and increases their confidence on water. $330pp
OutThere Sailing 3 (12hrs) This course teaches participants to become more competent out on the water and in a position to take others out sailing. $330pp
OutThere Sailing    Combined (20hrs) This course divides participants in groups by age  so they can learn together with their friends. Run at school holiday time. $350pp


School Holiday Programs
Weekend Programs