Upcoming events

The Member Services and Events Committees continue to work hard to provide off-water fun and frivolity for all our members and friends.  In addition to the Melbourne Aquarium evening on 17th June, come along to Squadron Sunday on 26th June for a BBQ and chat.  Julie C and Julie D will be hosting and would love to see you there.

Our favourite band the Titanics will be playing in the Harbour Room on Friday 15th July. The Titanics played to an enthusiastic crowd at AWKR and looking forward to a repeat for our members and guests.

On 22nd July, Phil Brierley will be coming in to talk to us about sailing around the Med!  Wouldn’t that be nice!  Put that in your diary!

More to come on these nights.  There are several other events in the planning stage so stay tuned.  We’re on a roll and want to take you with us!!


Of course, you know that nothing happens without energetic drivers, and we are always on the lookout for willing Members to help with ideas, organisation, promotion and execution.  If you would like to contribute (even if it’s only for one event) please put your hand up and help, make the Squadron THE fun place to be at the top end of the Bay.


Our Friday night talks with so many interesting people over a long period of time have been known as “Pot Parma and Chat” nights.  Time for a new brand.  Let us have your suggestions for a new title for our informal informative Friday nights.  The best entry to be determined at the next MSC meeting on 7th July will be rewarded!!  Entries to be submitted to members@rmys.com.au.

New Members

We love meeting our new Members and making them feel welcome at the Club.   The new Members’ nights are always a great time to get to know and welcome them aboard.  An initiative of the MSC (thanks largely to Nadine T) is for MSC members to undertake a new member call-out.  So if you are new to the Club, expect to receive a call from one of us.  We hope to hear your Club experience feedback and to offer any support you might need.

Recreational Boating Group

Justin Spangaro has been very busy preparing a calendar of events for this group.  The events are inclusive of all floating boats at the Club.  The new calendar of forthcoming events will be published soon. Keep an eye out – there’s sure to be an activity you can join as a boat owner or recreational crew and have a great day out.