The Bridge- Sailing with our Head Coach, Philippe

Phillipe says, “In the last eBreeze, you discovered that I was racing in the ORCV winter series with training members to lift their game. It’s been a success, and now I want any sailing members to be able to have this opportunity.

For a few weeks now, I have been honoured to sail the Wednesday afternoon race on different boats.

It’s a good commitment from RMSTA to allow me to jump on board any boat to sail with the owner and their crew, and I thank the club for that.

I have many purposes for sharing races with our sailing members:

  • It’s a way for me to know our club sailing community.
  • Help, assist, replace, manage or be the “rail meat” to a short-handed crew and try to lift the game onboard. It’s a very rewarding part of my job.
  • I’ll write a Confidential Report to you of our time shared onboard to resume some evolution that you can do, NOT revolution…
  • Knowing you better allows me to create dedicated activities and courses to help the boat and team to perform; you’ll discover them soon on eBreeze.
  • And last but very important: I confirm that step by step, we are migrating our Discovery sailing centre, focused on beginners, to a real sailing school where anyone (public, training members and sailing members), any level (beginners to advanced), any age (8 to up to you…) will be able to find a course to progress and grow their skills.
  • To achieve this plan, I’m changing the training membership offering nine modules from discovery sailing to another dedicated to members and their progression.

The plan is issued after an interview with our potential trainee; we will schedule the modules over 12 months with a mix of theory, practical courses (from the Discovery sailing centre syllabus), practical coaching based on the weakness of the trainee, and SAILING ON BOARD WITH YOU.

  • Between you and the RMSTA instructors, we’ll be in touch regularly to assess the progression and expectations of the trainee and the boat captain.
  • For every course done with RMSTA, the trainee will go for a period of sharing experience onboard your boat.
  • You’ll be able to meet more of our training members, sourcing new crew members with commitment, and knowing you better allows me to introduce a new trainee with a compatible personality and mindset.
  • Obviously, nothing is mandatory for owners, so email me if you want to be a part of this part of the plan that I’ll call the BRIDGE.
  • If you want some assistance on board to lift your game, I’ll always come with my racing mindset, racing experience obtained from many years sharing with pro sailors’ international events, my smile…and my ability to match any of your levels.
  • And we might be on the podium!”

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