International Cup

Trust: Nil
Description: Solid silver shaped cup having thick rectangular sectioned handles, standing 305mm high to lip edge, flaring down to solid stem with two annular rings, then tapering out to a stepped footing. Has squat shaped lid surmounted with a dome, overall height of 80mm, and trophy stands on 191 mm high black base, upper section octagonal, lower round with bevelled step. Rectangular winners’ inscription plaques attached around base.

Donated by Melbourne Steamshipping Company Limited, November 1933, for Perpetual Competition in the International Metre Rating ‘A’–‘A-I’ Class yachts of the Associated Clubs, over a course of 2 miles to windward and return, with a gate mid-way, three times around.

It was first raced in 1933 and won by Commodore Joe White with Acrospire IV. The trophy was to lay idle during World War II to be then raced for by A Class. On the demise of the Metre Rating yachts, trophy was then allocated for the R.O.R.C. type yachts and won by William Low with Landfall (R.Y.C.V.)

A further change in the handicapping system resulted in the race being competed for by Division I yachts under I.O.R. handicapping system. The demise of that system in 1992 saw the trophy last contested in that system. Season 1992-93, the trophy was awarded for Division 1, V.Y.C handicapping and prizes awarded to winners under I.M.S. and C.H.S handicaps.

Review in 2007 let the race to be included in the aggregate. Extra trophies were established for YV Divisions 2 & 3, being the International Trophy and International Plate.

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