Skipper Experience with Chris Waters

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Sail on a Farr 1020 with Chris Waters

Two days traveling to Queenscliff and back, work on passage planning, tides, weather, navigation and piloting!

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Weekend Boating Adventure Overview:


  • Three days:
    • One 2-3 hour prep evening.
    • Two consecutive 6-8 hour days.
      • Day 1: Departure at 10am, arrival at 5pm.
      • Day 2: Departure at 10am, return between 4-6pm.

On Shore:

  • Accommodation and meals self-funded.
    • Option to invite a partner/friend to meet at destination!
  • Evening dining together or alone as preferred.
  • Breakfast together before return trip.


  • Queenscliff, Geelong, or Blairgowrie based on weather.

Detailed Itinerary:

  • Theory Session:
    • Weather planning.
    • Tide flow analysis, course plan, pilotage notes.
    • Contingency planning & safety
    • Roles assignment and food prep.
  • On Trips:
    • Split into two watches, on / off (watch rotation at lunch)
    • Off watch: Running the boat, lunch prep, navigation, nap at sea.
    • Optional celestial navigation.

Return Trip:

  • Planned arrival back home around 5-6pm, in time for celebratory drink!
  • Queenscliff visit (if weather permits) may include seeing Port Phillip lights.


  • Executed safe, enjoyable trip.
  • Learned about tidal flows, socialized, rested.
  • Improved skills under professional guidance.

A great story for when someone asks you – “How was your weekend?” ;)

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