Corrosion and Electrolysis Testing and Seminar

RMYS has engaged Logix Consulting to undertake stray current testing in the Marina on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th March.

The testing will involve:

  • Assessment of every vessel that is at the marina at the time of testing checking for stray currents or stray voltages, this test is not invasive but an electrical test conducted at shore power inlets.
  • Assessment of all documentation that the marina has available, discussing corrosion on the marina and ways to reduce the effects for all vessels.
  • Cathodic Protection levels to meet local and international specifications to suit individual vessel/marina requirements.
  • A full test of the electrical system to diagnose any electrical faults that will be affecting cathodic protection and the performance of your marina.
  • Environmental influences may affect the consumption of anodes or affect the rate at which they are consumed.

Please note that there will not be an opportunity to test vessels individually  (i.e. invasive testing) at this time.

In addition to the testing, a Corrosion Seminar will be provided in the Clubhouse on Tuesday evening between 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

This is a free seminar but please complete the below registration make a booking so we have an indication of numbers.

We strongly advise all vessel owners to attend and learn about corrosion and protection methods best suited to your vessel.

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Corrosion Seminar