Trust: $200.00 (Perpetual)
Description: Silver open bowl shaped trophy 120 mm high to lip edge, has near vertical fluted and raised decorations from mid-section down to large stepped footing.

Mounted on a 115 mm high round base shaped at footing, has silver winners’ inscription shields attached around diameter.

Inscription: AGAR WYNNE

November 13, 1935, the club received a cheque for the sum of 100 Pounds ($200), being amount bequeathed to the Club by the Will of the late Hon Agar Wynne M.H.R. He was president of the Club from 1908 until he resigned because of bad health in 1932.

The terms of the Will governing the bequest were:-

“To the St Kilda Yacht Club the sum of 100 pounds, and I desire the Committee for the time being of the said St Kilda Yacht Club, to invest the same and apply the Annual Income of such investment to the purchase of a Trophy or Trophies, to be competed for by members of the Club.”

Trophy on being purchased was allocated for a combined classes race and first won by Alf Fachrell skippering Commodore Joe White’s  Acrospire III.

Season 1950 – 1951 it became the Squadron’s Combined Classes Trophy for the return race after the annual Royal Geelong Regatta held Australia Day weekend and was first won by Maluna, H. Ladd. 

Later changes to the handicapping system resulted in the trophy being awarded on V.Y.C handicaps to the yachts of the Squadron.

Status – ‘Club’ Event

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