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eBreeze Tuesday 19th January
Get excited, its nearly time for the first ever Nauti Weekend! STOP PRESS:  We have over 50 registrations for the RMYS Nauti Weekend.  Get on board now.  Don’t miss this weekend of free, fun, inclusive events and social activities.   With hot weather predicted, it couldn’t be better!! Created by members, for members, there are on and off water events each …

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Agar Wynne Trophy MM Removebg Preview

Agar Wynne Trophy

New Course this year due to COVID and the cancellation of the Festival of Sail.
The race is in conjunction with HBYC, Its is a race to Portarlington and return to RMYS tower finish line. Due to the nature of the race it is being run as a cat 6 and all boats will need to be finished 10 min prior to sunset.

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Mesaages From
Check here for important updates/information/Dates and race results

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Member Updates

Strategic Plan 2021 – 2024

At its December 2020 meeting, General Committee approved the strategic plan which provides direction and outcomes for the next four years. Sports Business Partners lead the process which commenced with a GC workshop 17 October.

Implementation of the plan commences immediately and progress will be monitored monthly by GC.

The plan is now on the website in the members portal, please contact Commodore on commodore@rmys.com.au if you have any questions. There will be an opportunity to discuss the plan at the members meeting on 20 March.

Members Meeting

The Red Book Calendar shows a members meeting 6 February, this was ambitious timing so the meeting will now be held in the Harbour Room, Saturday 20 March commencing 10am. A formal agenda will be issued closer to the meeting, in addition to the usual reports it will include presentation of the RMSTA operating plan and an opportunity to discuss the strategic plan. The building renewal programme is progressing well and an update will also be included in the agenda.

It will be great to meet face to face!

New Member's Night

Last Friday night saw one of the club's largest inductions of new members ever at our New Member's Night. We had been unable to host a New Member's Night since early 2020 due to COVID, and it was great to finally welcome them formally. Members of all types are joining...

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2020/21 Port Phillip Women's Championship Series & Jennifer Goldsmith Trophy.

Jennifer Goldsmith Trophy
The ninth edition of the Port Phillip Women’s Championship Series (PPWCS) is back this season with five race days from Sunday 7 December 2021 through to Sunday 2 May 2021.

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Message From Venue Coordinator

Attention: The EFTPOS company Tyro continues to have connection issues. This means that the Olympic Bar has only one operational terminal and as yet The Harbour Room does not have EFTPOS facilities at all . Please bring your member fob or Cash for Twilight bar transactions. We apologise for any inconvenience and are in constant communication with Tyro to get the issue fixed. Thank you for your continuing patience.

Wednesday Twilight Dinner 20th Jan

Twilight Dinner - January 20th(1)

Friday Night 22nd Jan - Classic Pub Dinner

Friday dinner 22_01
Members Draw
This was one last week by a new member so it just goes to show its worth coming down for.
It resets this week to $50

Acrospire III

Acrospire 111 was built for Mr Joe White of RMYS, and designed by Charlie Peel ( who also designed Acrospire 1V and the Jubilee), Acrospire111 was built in the Hayes Bros. yard in Sydney in 1923 and launched in 1924. Charlie Peel was working at the time at Hayes Bros. In 1928 Acrospire 111 raced against the 8 mtr Norn …

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Free Concerts | MSO at Sidney Myer Music Bowl

For more than 90 years, Melbourne summers have been punctuated by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s annual free concert series. So pack a picnic, gather family and friends and enjoy music under the stars at the Bowl. A fiery program of works by Debussy, Stravinsky and Australian composer Ross Edwards launches the series on 29 January. On 6 February it's a celebration of ...

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Spinnaker for sale

Red kite....Luff..16.4 meters leech ..14.6 meters foot..7.45 meters sail area..89 sq meters half quarter girth 92 %... .all up it cost $ 2500
Red colour asymmetrical spin new (complete with launch / retrieval sleeve ...made for Hanse ...suit 38 to 40 ft.as no.1...

Lookingf or best offer over $1500

Contact Graham Burton graham_burton@bigpond.com

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