Year: 2019

Amendment to SI’s V 6.0

An updated list of pursuit courses has been added to the SI’s V6.0.

Race Report – Week ended 13th October 2019

News from the Race office Discover Sailing Day: We still need a lot more help on the day. Volunteers are needed for Sailing Trips, Power Boats trips, Power, RIB rides, Boat Crew, Shore Crew. For your help we will provide a Working Bee levy Refund, Lunch pack on the day and Sausage sizzle and complimentary Beer […]

CoPP Community feedback on Council’s draft Parking Management Policy.

Fellow members We have been invited by the City of Port Phillip to participate in their Parking Management Policy process. I have posted below the note from the council, however I wanted to share the Squadron specific points with regards to Foreshore parking first, in particular: RMYS members benefit from access to Foreshore Club Parking […]

Marina Pen for Sale – G7

The berth is 20 Meters (Power Boat/ Yacht) G7


Contact Hany Elsaleh 0421884328

ORCV Photos from 2019, 70th AGM and Trophy Presentation Night

The ORCV celebrated the 70th anniversary on October the 8th. 

RMYS were well represented at the 2019, 70th Celebration AGM and Trophy Presentation. Please join us in congratulating the following RMYS trophy winners!

Antagonist – James Lynch 
Cock of the Bay 2018 – 1st IRC2 & PHS2, 2nd AMS2

Arcadia – Steven Thompson
Latitude Series 2018 – 3rd Ocean

Arcadia – Peter Davison
Winter Series 2019 – 1st AMS & PHS. Lord Warden’s Trophy

Fast Forward – Celia Dymond
Women Skippers & Naviga…