Boat Duty Roster

The “Boat Duty Roster” is put in place so that the racing yachts can give back to the race management volunteers. There are perks to it of course, such as being treated like an RMYS volunteer for the day. You’ll be provided with a meal and will also receive your working bee levy back. It’s also a great way of learning the other side of racing.

​If you need to swap your allocated duty day to a day that is vacant please contact me.
​If you wish to swap with another boat, please contact the owner directly and advise me of the swap.​
On the boat’s duty day  please send someone from the crew to help out. You will be contacted prior to your duty day with more details.

Submit your details below. You must provide two (2) dates. Roster will be updated on Thursdays so please check via the link  for current available dates.

Boat Roster

For more information please contact Colin:
9534 0227