Cloud Ten is an Adams 10.6 (Offshore) fractionally rigged yacht built in 2000.  She is in very good condition and has a new Yanmar engine and sail drive professionally fitted in December 2018.  Both the #1 and #2 headsails were replaced during the last two years.  The #3 and #4 headsails and the two spinnakers (one fractional and one masthead) are in good condition.  The mainsail is in reasonable condition.  The hull was last cleaned and anti-fouled in October 2019.  She is a fast boat, an ideal club racer and a comfortable short-range cruiser.  Cloud Ten is owned by five RMYS members, one of whom wishes to retire from frequent racing, thus a one-fifth share is available.  Pen rent, maintenance costs and insurance are all shared equally.  The price is negotiable and purchase will provide an easy, affordable entry to keelboat ownership.  The syndicate members are all mutually supportive, good company and will cheerfully assist a new member to learn and/or improve their sailing skills in a friendly environment.  Please contact Kevin Barron on 0421 615 565 if interested.