From:                                         Matt Solly

Sent:                                           Friday, 6 November 2020 12:23 PM

Subject:                                     COVID catering update


Hello Members,


It’s was great to see boats on the race course last Saturday and Wednesday, the weather for both days was poor (maybe miserable!) so well done to all crews.


The weather continues to make out door catering really difficult,  particularly as facilities need to be set up each time. 


The temperature forecast  tomorrow is 15 degrees, while the rain may have cleared for the afternoon the conditions are unlikely to be conducive to sitting outside enjoying a drink.


Catering tomorrow will therefore not be available.



We now wait for the Premier’s announcement on Sunday to see how many people are allowed inside next week.  Hopefully next Wednesday we can have at least 40 inside and around 20 on the balcony because the current forecast is for significant rain next Wednesday.


What ever catering we have, bookings are required for Wednesday night.  Please book now on for all catering next Wednesday, bookings close 5pm Monday  November.  The expectation is if you book you will order a meal.     


Please make sure you swipe your FOB when you enter the yard and/or the building, this satisfies the contact tracing requirements.  Non-members are required to  complete the sheet at the “wet bar” entrance.


RMYS Office

The RMYS office is open and Jan is back to full time Tuesday to Saturday,  Colin has also returned to Tuesday to Saturday.  No more than two people are able to be in the reception area. 

Please ensure staff only inside the office, this is an important  protocol which needs to be maintained.  


Enjoy the sailing, please contact me if you have any questions.








Matt Solly

General Manager