Winter Cruise to QCYC 13-15th July

Good day all

With you all, we have a good fleet to run down to Queenscliff.

Current starters are:

Present Laughter
Mrs Overnewton
Coral Lee
possibly Ayesha and Obsession

The proposed program is for us to sail from RMYS on Saturday around 10:30, to enable us to be comfortably alongside QCYC before sunset.

Please text me on 0410554422 when you’re underway, and maintain a listening watch on Ch72 so we can enjoy each others’ company.

Slack water in the Cut will be around 17:30 so you’ll have an ebb stream push down the West channel and the end of the ebb when you arrive. If you haven’t berthed at QCYC before, or you have any trepidation about coming in, please give me a call and I’ll talk you through.

The intention is for us all to get together for a BBQ dinner at QCYC – bring your own everything.

Sunday is a relax and the winter roast lunch with QCYC members. Some of you have indicated your intention to return on the Monday. Mrs O is planning a fairly early start on Monday (08:30) to enjoy the flood ride back up the channel.

Those of you going back straight after lunch on Sunday will have the ebb against you in the West Channel, but at least it’s only a neap stream.

If you haven’t already done so, please book your berth/lunch with QCYC through

You’re welcome to call me or email if you have any questions or comments.

best wishes