Training starts, stops and now Springs!

Hi it’s Leigh from Royal Melbourne Sail Training Academy. We had a very promising start back to sail training this July with a series of new Keelboat “Start Crewing” courses.

Four new sail training courses started on the weekend of Saturday 4 th and 5 th July 2020.Fourteen new recruits were enrolled plus two existing sailors, Marie and Petrina from RMYS yacht “No Mans Land”.

We had a great weekend of sailing, training, making new friends and social distancing on our training keelboat, Café Latte. See the pictures on our facebook page at “Royal Melbourne Sail Training Academy”.

As famously said by Aristotle:

One swallow does not a summer make, nor one fine day; similarly one day or brief time of happiness does not make a person entirely happy.”

Unfortunately the new Stage 3 restrictions for the Greater Melbourne area are now in force, with these keen new sailors delayed in completing their courses until after restrictions ease – possibly after August 19 th 2020. Let’s hope so!

Like many small businesses it was exciting to get back to work and see some new faces. Clearly COVID-19 presents an extreme health & economic challenge, BUT also an opportunity. People in Melbourne seem to be very keen (call it desperate) to try something new close to home, like sailing! We can’t travel interstate. We can’t spend our money on overseas adventures. Just a little cabin fever going around…..? And the Bay beckons as people exercise along it.  Once we’re open again, I think we’ll have a surge of interest in sailing. Spread the word. Maybe those long deflected “COME SAILING”  invites to friends, family and work colleagues might be snapped up over the next few months.

New training dates posted for Spring, 2020.

Meanwhile we have added new sail training dates for Spring 2020 which is just around the (COVID) corner. New keelboat courses, new dinghy courses, Marine Radio course and Powerboat courses. A Coastal Navigation course as well for October, 2020.

To RMYS members and friends, stay safe and stay positive. My very best regards. We can still go sailing.