The Cup Regatta – Classics

The Classic’s 2019 The Cup Regatta was conducted by RYCV from Nov 2nd to Nov 4. Skippers and crews of all entrants voted this Cup Regatta to be the best ever.
The feature of the Cup Regatta was the implementation of three divisions and extended leg courses. This arrangement allowed for both extended leg and overall corrected time results. The first leg for all allowed for a fleet corrected time for the best performer of the preceding twelve months of Classic Series racing and a Cup
Regatta best overall for each division and combined divisions. The three divisions included a special Tumlaren division.
The most featured boat in the Cup Regatta results was George Low’s Tumlaren from RMYS Snow Goose.
Snow Goose bought home to RMYS for the best boat overall extended course trophy and the best overall for the Tumlaren division Mrs Charles Marshall trophy. Port Melbourne Paint and Wallpaper contributed the Tumlaren one design trophy to recognise the heritage of Tumlaren one design racing at RMYS. Snow Goose again was the champion one design Tumlaren.
The RMYS Uira “Coffee Pot”trophy for the first boat home in the Cup Regatta pursuit Race went to Snow Goose.
While it was Snow Goose that bought home the silver it was the supporting cast of the RMYS Tumlarens Dingo and Avian plus the scene of the RMYS glamour classic, Jim Woods 1929 Windward II along with Boambillie and Mistral IX that made this Cup Regatta such a pictorial success.

After Skippers and crews of all Cup Regatta entrants voted this Cup Regatta to be the best ever the overall best performer of the Cup Regatta was deemed to the 2019 The Cup Regatta. Bring on 2020.