On Thursday 21st November, the BoM are predicting Northerly winds at St Kilda to be in the 35-45 knot range.  Gusts may be up to 40% higher.  At midday, these winds are expected to turn SSW.  

Could all vessels owners ensure their vessel is set up for these predicted winds.

Furling Headsails – Consider removing your headsail, at the very least ensure your furling line is locked off around a winch or cleat.  Do not rely solely on a cam or halyard cleat.

Biminis – Consider removing, but at least ensure it is up to these forecast conditions.

Mooring lines – The predicted wind will quickly change to a Southerly after the Northerly passes.  Ensure your vessel is properly secured for all wind directions.

Fenders – Put them all out, and please write your vessel name or rego number on them, so when we find loose fenders floating in the marina, we can return them.

Walkways and Fingers – Please remove any unsecured items on fingers, and store items inside your vessel.


Any questions, please call Damien.

Damien Ryan
Operations Manager
Mobile: 0412 137 183
Phone No: 9534 0227
Email Address opsmanager@rmys.com.au