Shore Power in the Marina

It is a requirement for all vessels who connect to shore power to have IP66 rated (male) plugs that connect to the pedestal.

Non-compliant plugs cause damage, and create a significant fire hazard (as well requiring expensive repairs).

From tomorrow, any non-compliant lead will be immediately disconnected.  If the same lead is subsequently found to be connected again, the male plug end will be severed.

  • IP66 plugs are available at Middy’s (and other electrical retailers).  They need to be wired to your existing lead by a suitably qualified technician.

  • The three-pin outlets in the marina are 15A.  They will also take 10A plugs, but a 15A plug must be wired to a 10A lead.  Match your lead to the correct IP66 plug (10A or 15A).

  • You may use a non IP66 plug whist you are aboard your vessel, provided it not raining.  It it rains, immediately disconnect.


  • Remember to switch off the power when you unplug your vessel and head out of the marina.  Leads left plugged in and ‘live’ will also be removed.


Damien Ryan
Operations Manager