Please welcome to the club a New Member Stuart Gluth and his boat Scooter. A big thank-you to Stuart for putting together these photos of Scooter’s adventurous journey to RMYS. 

Here is Scooter’s Story.

I wanted a boat with high sides that would be safe to sail in Crocodile and Irukandji infested Darwin and loved the idea of a small ‘couta’ style boat.

A bloke in Kilmore had been restoring her with a mate when the mate died, and so he sold her to me because he appreciated that I’d actually get her rigged and sail in her.

He believed she had been built about 1950, possibly by a fisherman, but Dougga Beazley reckons she was built about 1930 by a boat builder.

Unfortunately, the previous owners had fibre-glassed her so that when we sailed her in Darwin, having been out of the water for so long, and being stored on her trailer in the boatyard at the Darwin Sailing Club, she leaked like a sieve.

But survived cyclone Marcus unscathed except for the Tarpaulin.

And the big storm last January at Portarlington which trashed the foresail.

But the fibreglass had to go, and as you can see it was already coming off. Ian Pritchard, a fellow member at Portarlington Sailing Club undertook the massive task, specially getting the ist coat of resin off the timber, and recaulking and varnishing her with the advice and help of Ron Clark, Harry Clark’s son and a wooden boat builder in his own right.

Douga convinced us that she needed to be moored in the water, and towed her to her mooring at RMYS where she promptly ‘sank’ up to the gunwales, as expected as she absorbed the water.

But this caused many alarmed phone calls to Damian, who pumped her out a couple of times, and now she floats happily at her mooring waiting for me to find a little bit of time in a very busy schedule for me at the moment, to take her sailing.

So this is the bare bones of Scooter’s rather more complicated adventures.

I hope it’s useful to you and our members.