Open Day & Sail Past Registration

The new COVID restrictions for hospitality allow an expansion of the opening day programme to include some onshore activity.  Interest of doing things differently we have a changed less formal program, please read on for some exciting news.      

Opening Day programme
1115 – Be on your boat in the marina,  how about starting earlier and bringing brunch.
1130 – Season opening ceremony from the starting tower.  The season will be declared open and the burgee unfurled from the start tower with audio over the radio – yes it will be brief!  Boats should remain in the marina for this formality and those on board focus on the tower.  
1215 – Sail past commences. Leave the marina as soon as the season is opened and go to the start of the sail past course, Colin will send separate Sail Past  instructions.   
1315 – Start of race.  There will be a short “race” when the Sail Past is finished, Colin will send separate SI’s.   
1500 – In the Harbour Room for mussels and frankfurts.  This is the exciting bit, these are the mussels which COVID restrictions prevented you enjoying after the Bert Ferris Cactus Cup and they will be supplied at no charge on opening day to participants in the sail past.     COVID restrictions still limit the number of people allowed in the entire building to 150, table service is required and tables must be 1.5m apart.  Using outside is very weather dependent and has operational challenges so we would prefer not to rely on that.  Vouchers will be issued per boat in the same manner as the Bert Ferris Cactus Cup, when registering please be conscious of number limits  and the objective of enabling as many boats as possible to share in this occasion. 

Please complete your Registration for the Sail Past below. 

Date: 5th December
Time 1115


This form is currently closed for submissions. Please contact Colin for any queries 9534 0227