Protest Form Template (please print double-sided)
Request For Review of Results

Safety Category Forms:
Remember these expire 30th June each year. Please check NOR’s to confirm which category you require 

Category 7
Category 6
Category 5&5N
Category 4
Category 3
Category 2
Category 1

Racing Rules:

Racing Rules of Sailing 2021-2024
Racing Rules 2021-2024 Changes for Sailors
​Special Regulations – Part 1 for Racing Boats
Collision Regulations (Colregs)

ISAF Case and Call Books – Interpretations of the RRS in around 100 racing scenarios; common Team Racing and Match Racing umpire decisions.

Courses and bay Soundings:

WARNING:  soundings were taken in 2011, and show the start line area and bay area outside the RMYS breakwater. They are provided as a guide only, and should not be relied upon for navigation