Happy Easter All!

Following our terrific outing to Flinders, our next cruising fantabulism is on!

Since we have scheduled over the Easter weekend, we thought to run “The Mussel Run” over two days:

Saturday morning we sail to Portarlington, and raft up/berth/anchor as we can.

The aim is to reach Portarlington just before the ferry (12:05), so we can take the free shuttle bus to Scotchmans Hill (or other) winery and have lunch. We overnight on board, hide Easter eggs, leave them for half an hour so we’ve forgotten where we put them (the joys of getting older!). We hunt for them, then have our mussel cook-up (moules marinieres, white wine, crusty bread), and then sail to Geelong by 14:30, to enable everyone to be in before dark, and BBQ at the Club.

After a leisurely breakfast on Monday we sail home.

As soon as you’ve looked at your Easter plans, please let Colin or me know if you’re a starter.

I need to get a good idea of numbers, as there are organisations (shuttle bus, wineries, RGYC, mussel lady, Parks Vic) I need to advise.

Best wishes
Pat Milwright

March 2020