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Tex Walsh (posted 13/04/2019)
I am planning to join RMYS. I have done up to coastal skipper qualification and all crewing courses before that. I owned a yacht for three years, a Mcgregor 26 and did some racing and lots of sailing. I have experience crewing, maybe a little rusty, but will get up to speed quickly. Unfortunately I cannot commit to every weekend, as I spend half my time in Perth, at the moment. I can be available at fairly short notice. Interested in: Twilight Racing, Wednesdays, Saturday Racing, Squadron Sundays – Relaxed Pursuit Race, Classic Yachts, Ocean Racing, Cruising

Guy Wildey
(Posted 24/03/2019)
Im 33 Male. I have 4 seasons of race sailing experiance. Both smaller and larger Yachts. Last was “Clockwork” at the Royal South Australian Yacht Sqaudron. I normally take postion of Bowman, willing to work hard and follow instruction. Have completed Learn to Sail Training at Blairgowire Yacht Club.
Interested in: Twilight Racing, Wednesdays, Squadron Sundays – Relaxed Pursuit Race, Classic Yachts, Ocean Racing, Cruising
Leo & Nick (posted 21/02/19)
Myself and my partner Nicholas joined RMYS late last year along with our H28, Leisurely. We completed the KB1 course (start crewing) and have done a few sails in our boat to Black Rock. We are keen to both improve our skills and get to know more club members. We can do Saturdays or, if someone just needs crew for the occasional sails on the weekend, we could do that too. 

0411 126 503 or

Giacomo Paoletti (posted 5/01/19)
Just finished my first course (start crewing) at the RMYS St. Kilda. I have already submitted for start helming commencing in February. Looking for more experience. Looking for some fun. Reliable and always in time. Fast learner. Polite, and quite. Please let me on board!!!

​0468 482 608 or 

Nathan Cleeland (20/11/18)
I’m a 21 year old male. I live in Malvern and I’m looking to help crew a yacht on weekends. I have about a week’s sailing experience and have spent a few weeks at sea working on a commercial fishing boat. I’m young, fit and strong. I love the water and I’m keen to get some sailing experience before I buy my own boat. 

0497 114 568 or 

Emily Nielsen (17/10/18)
I’m a 29 year old Aussie girl who has just returned from travel overseas. I live in St Kilda and am keen to race on weekdays/twilight’s, for on the weekends I work as a deckhand on a commercial boat. I have experience racing J/24s and enjoy getting wet (yep, even in winter). I also have a little experience with ocean racing and coastal cruising on bigger yachts.

0416 571 652 or 

John Demelis (06/10/18)
I’m an intermediate level sailor who’s a little rusty wishing to resume sailing. I’ve done club racing at RSYC and RBYC in the past . I prefer twilights at this stage with a view to progressing later. I’m a fit 50 + guy looking to enjoy some summer sailing.

0404283834 or 

Zac Zawalski (25/09/18)
I’ve had some sailing experience and completed my day skippers course, several friends and I are looking for a boat that we can sail with throughout the summer (twilights and weekdays), the others have done some previous sailing but are fairly new so a boat open to teaching would be ideal. 

0447 169 100 or ​

Catherine Shalloe (25/09/18)
I’m 24, Irish/American, and just moved to Melbourne. Excited to get back into sailing.
When I first moved to Sydney last year I crewed at CYCA for Duende (52ft yacht) during the Wednesday twilight series. Background mainly in smaller boats (lazer, topaz, opi). Interested in cruising or racing.
Keen to learn and have some fun. Available any day currently.

0416570048 or

Alexandra Bowring (31/08/18)
I am a 23 year old Irish girl on my working holiday visa. I have experience sailing dinghys and a bit of experience on Keel boats, specifically a sigma 33. I have sailed in Ireland, and done some sailing around Europe as well. I also have my power boat level 2 licence. I would love to crew on a boat in the evenings after 6 or anytime on the weekend.

0451643357 or

David Barnes (posted 4/08/18)
David has been sailing Couta Boats for 20 years down at Sorrento. He has just moved up to Queen’s Rd and is looking to sail on Wednesdays.

0408058252 or ​

Donna (posted 1/08/18)
Extensive sailing experience in Europe and offshore. Is an ORCV member, RYA Coastal Skipper and is happy to do any position aft of the mast. 
Would love to join a team for the Melbourne to Hobart or be part of a delivery crew. 

0413444742 or 

Celia Clutton (posted 19/07/18)
I have taken both the Dinghy and Keelboat courses at RMYS. I am looking to crew if there are any available spots. I am agile and I am quite good at trimming.

0478 594 915 or

Will Cole (posted 5/06/18)
Experienced 32 yr old crew available. RYA competent crew certified. I’ve raced small one designs as well as local handicap cruisers. 

0422904538 or ​

Brian Clarke (posted 8/5/18)
Want to crew on a yacht this winter – ORCV and spinnaker series. Lots of yacht and dingy experience, most recently running the office on a Benetau 45.

0452 182 497 or 

Benjamin Stephens (posted 1/05/18)
28 year old, 6’2 – New to sailing, apart from some time spent working on Super Yachts in Antibes. Happy to follow instructions and hungry to learn.

0415907752 or 

Lucie Lefort (posted 02/02/18)
I am a 22 year old French girl and I will be in Melbourne for the next six months. I grew up along the Atlantic coast in France and was used to sail a lot when I was a kid. I have also been a sailing instructor in France during summer. I have done several cruises on keel boat and love both cruising and racing! I have still a lot to learn and definitely love sailing so I would really like to sail on a regular basis! I am more available on the weekend or the evening after 6:30pm.
So if you are looking for a new crew, feel free to contact me! 

0407637760 or ​

Heather Sturgeon (posted 30/01/18)
I am a 22 yr old Canadian girl, currently working in Melbourne on a working holiday visa. I have 3 years of racing experience on cruisers and J boats. I am also extremely comfortable and knowledgeable on sailboats, as I grew up sailing in Ontario and chartering in the Caribbean. I would love to crew on a sailboat whenever possible. Sailing is one of my favourite hobbies, so I would appreciate the opportunity! Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. 

0459840314 or ​

Renee Troedson (posted 23/01/18)
My name is Renee, I’m 28 and I’ve moved from Perth to a Melbourne.  
I’m fit and enjoy being on the water.

I did puffin pacer lessons in school, sailed the Leeuwin up the west Australian coast and have occasionally been twilight sailing on the Swan river on friends boats. I have my boat skipper licence (experienced IRB Rescue driver for Surf lifesaving) but would say my sailing experience is limited. Available Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

0405567530 or ​
Hotshot – Terry Swalwell
(posted 18 May)
We are looking for someone who can commit to Wednesday Midweek races (need to be on the boat by 13:30). Experience would be nice but not essential. “Hotshot” is a Carter 30 sloop and races Midweeks throughout the year.

S35 Archimedes – Thomas Ely (posted 02/04/2019)
Archimedes is looking for a couple of fresh faces who want the challenge of serious racing, Archimedes is an Archambault 35, racing with both square and asymmetric spinnakers. The boat is light to handle and with plenty of position options. The emphasis is on team work and enjoyment of sailing.
Call Tom if you have some experience and interested in regular Saturday sailing.
Preferred sailing events: Twilight Racing, Wednesdays, Saturday Racing
Chris Havre 
(posted 2/01/19)
RMYS Adams 10 looking for crew for Wednesday Twilights and Saturday club racing. Experienced club members keen to race regularly. 

0407 464 131 or