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Crew Noticeboard

Brian Clarke (22/6/20)
Saturday Racing, Wednesday Afternoon – Winter (1430)
Extensive yacht crew (all positions) and class champ in the National E (2 person 3 sail dingy). Available Weds all year, and Saturdays until October when dingys start.

Kate Kennedy (posted 15/5/20)
Twilight Racing, Wednesdays, Saturday Racing, Squadron Sundays – Relaxed Pursuit Race, Australian Women’s Keelboat Regatta, Cruising, Wednesday Afternoon – Winter (1430)
Some experience. Lower intermediate

Peter Murphy (posted 15/5/20)
30 years bay, coastal and ocean racing. Now just looking for a bit of adrenaline preferably on a newer lighter boat. Live in St Kilda Road Melbourne so if you need someone at short notice I should be able to help out. Wednesday Twilight, Sunday 

Irene Muirhead(posted 6/2/20)
Saturday Racing, Australian Women’s Keelboat Regatta
Hi there, I’m based in New Zealand. I’m looking to come over to Melbourne for ANZAC Weekend and hoping to get a spot on a yacht for some racing in the ANZAC Day Pursuit Race. Been sailing competitively for the last 9 years. Happy on any position in the boat but most comfortable on keys. Have my Boastmasters, VHF and current first aid. I’ve completed a number of coastal and offshore races (Auckland to Bay of Islands etc) but you’ll usually find me on the water in Wellington Harbour on a Young 88.

Octavi Miro(posted 6/2/20)
Twilight Racing, Wednesdays, Saturday Racing, Squadron Sundays – Relaxed Pursuit Race, Cruising
Hi! I’m Octavi and end January did the keelboat beginner course and I loved it! Still a beginner but if you are looking for someone passionate to help and that can commit, I’m your man! Happy to join in a race or just cruising.
Jennifer Johnson-(posted 05/02/20)
Twilight Racing, Wednesdays
Hi ! I’m a beginner sailor who has recently completed the beginner keel boat course and have participated in one twilight race. Even though I’m still learning, I’d love to help where I can.
Elliot Schoenfeld – (posted 05/02/20)
Twilight Racing, Wednesdays
I’m very new to sailing but I have recently completed the beginner keel boat course and have participated in one twilight race. I’m excited to help where I can!
Hannah Denby – (posted 05/02/2020)
Twilight Racing, Wednesdays, Saturday Racing, Squadron Sundays – Relaxed Pursuit Race, Classic Yachts, Australian Women’s Keelboat Regatta, Ocean Racing, Cruising
I’ve recently completed the intro to keelboat course so I’m just beginning but I am very keen for experience and to be out on the water as much as possible!

Timothy Barker(posted 18/01/20)
Twilight Racing, Wednesdays, Saturday Racing
I have recently completed the introductory keelboat crewing course with Leigh Brennan-Smith. Whilst I am a novice, I am very keen to learn and gain experience.

Tony donnini

Twilight Racing, Wednesdays, Saturday Racing, Squadron Sundays – Relaxed Pursuit Race
Dinghy beginners certificate
Justine Davis(posted 18/12/19)
Twilight Racing, Wednesdays
Though I may be considered a beginner sailor, I certainly have my sea legs as I was brought up on boats.
Mike Pond (posted 11/12/19)
Twilight Racing, Wednesdays
I have never sailed but keen to learn. I live in Brisbane but I am in Melbourne most weekdays from 13 January. I have competed in several watersports at an international level and keen to try something new.
Dave Brewer(posted 20/11/19)

Twilight Racing, Wednesdays
professional sailor world wide past 19 years
Keen to do twilight racing Wednesday’s this season whilst in Melbourne

John Crawford(posted 29/10/19)

Twilight Racing, Wednesdays, Saturday Racing, Cruising
I have never been sailing before, but I am very keen to start learning! I’m a 28 yo. moderately fit male. The idea of sailing has always been a dream that I believed to be unattainable, but have recently discovered that maybe its not! Very keen to learn anything and everything.

Twilight Racing, Wednesdays, Saturday Racing, Squadron Sundays – Relaxed Pursuit Race, Classic Yachts, Cruising
I have been sailing since 2009 mainly on keelboats for crews of 6-8 persons. I have been doing all jobs on the boat but am most confident in trimming the jib. I have been doing races going for a couple of hours up to day long races. I have also done a couple of sailing courses but learnt mostly “by doing”. I sailed mainly in Auckland (NZ) and in different places in France (mainly Brittany). I am now living close to St Kilda and look for opportunities for racing or cruising on a casual basis. I am very flexible with day and time and can either jump in to replace missing crew or be a regular crew member for the summer season (until January). Please drop me a line or ring me if there is a spot on your boat!!

Stewart Wines(Posted 1/10/19)
Classic Yachts, Cruising
My experience (Stewart):
Crewed 51ft Beneteau Bris-Cairns.
Kite-surfed for years. My father (also hoping to join)
Dinghy competitor Ex-commodore – APYC Hoping to sail together.

Dominic Farnham (posted 1/10/19)


Twilight Racing, Wednesdays
Hello, I am a 21 year old student, I have experience sailing small boats but keen to join a crew and learn to sail a bigger boat. I am a quick learner and very reliable. I am keen to be sailing regularly and will always be punctual.
Brad Stephensen (posted 01/10/19)

Twilight Racing, Wednesdays, Saturday Racing, Squadron Sundays – Relaxed Pursuit Race
Hi I’m Brad 43yo. I have sailed Thorpes, 125s and lasers at the Brisbane Skiff Squadron as a young’n. In recent years I have crewed on a 40fter up in QLD. Experience as sheethand and up the bow. Still got a bit of learning to do, but keen and love the sport. Can commit to Saturday and occasional Wednesdays.

Bronson McCall(posted 26/09/19)
Saturday Racing, Ocean Racing
23 year old with approximately 20 years experience ranging from dinghy racing to larger ocean races on a range of boats. Recently moved to Melbourne from Yeppoon, QLD and keen to jump on board! Usually make the pit/bow my home but I’m a fairly versatile body.

Christopher Havre (posted 14/4/20)
Saturday Racing
Hi, I am looking for sailors with experience to form a Saturday race crew on an Adams 10. The boat currently races Wednesday Twilights but none of the Wednesday crew are available for weekend racing. Please call or email if you are keen …Chris

Vella Starr (posted 24/1/20)
Twilight Racing, Wednesdays
We’re about to start racing on Wednesdays (non-spinnaker pursuit). I come from a cruising background so not expecting to be competitive for a long time but it should be a nice learning experience.

Looking for people who are interested in learning together and who can commit to Wednesdays. (Though we will probably switch to Saturdays once Wednesdays switch over to the early afternoon winter start time).

Please give me a call if you’re interested.

Rock n Roll(posted 01/11/19)

Twilight Racing, Wednesdays, Saturday Racing
Rock n Roll is a competitive S80. ( 8m racing yacht ) I am looking for people that are fit agile and willing to learn and become part of a team.Please call Steve on 0400987981
Mood Indigo – Roger Byrne
(posted 14/09/2019)
Some experience as Foredeck would be desirable otherwise just desire to sail after training.
Regular Twilight Racing, Wednesdays & Saturday Racing 
Hotshot – Terry Swalwell
(posted 18 May)
We are looking for someone who can commit to Wednesday Midweek races (need to be on the boat by 13:30). Experience would be nice but not essential. “Hotshot” is a Carter 30 sloop and races Midweeks throughout the year.

S35 Archimedes – Thomas Ely (posted 02/04/2019)
Archimedes is looking for a couple of fresh faces who want the challenge of serious racing, Archimedes is an Archambault 35, racing with both square and asymmetric spinnakers. The boat is light to handle and with plenty of position options. The emphasis is on team work and enjoyment of sailing.
Call Tom if you have some experience and interested in regular Saturday sailing.
Preferred sailing events: Twilight Racing, Wednesdays, Saturday Racing

Chris Havre 
(posted 2/01/19)
RMYS Adams 10 looking for crew for Wednesday Twilights and Saturday club racing. Experienced club members keen to race regularly. 

0407 464 131 or chrishavre@yahoo.com