Discover the Thrill of Sailing for Only $20!

Casual sailing at RMYS is welcome and is available by purchasing a Sail Pass. To purchase a Sail Pass you will need the MemberPoint app. This includes anyone that has used sail pass in the past. You will need to find a boat to sail on and head directly to that boat. Please use the boat finder feature in the app to see who is looking for crew.  How to download the app and user instructions can be found below. 

How to To get a Sail Pass – you will need to install the Member Point app from either Apple Store or Google play via the links below. You will then need to REGISTER, after that every other time you will LOGIN.

Check out the HOW TO USE videos HERE

No matter your experience come and enjoy sailing with RMYS…

Who can Sail?
Anyone over the age of 18

How much?
Sail Pass membership allows you to sail on a casual basis for only $20 per sail. (Maximum 12 sails)

What to Wear?
A waterproof jacket and comfortable clothes are recommended. Non-marking, white soft soled shoes are essential. Life jackets will be supplied.

When and What Time? 
– Arrive 12.30pm in winter (April to September) or 4.30pm in summer (October to March). 

Saturdays – Race start times vary on Saturdays, so it is best to contact the office to check the arrival time and suitability of the race.

Food Service – An a la carte lunch is available for purchase before the Wednesday winter races and dinner is available after the Wednesday summer races. Bar snacks are available at other times.


For more information or to check the racing conditions, please contact Colin Burgess (Sailing Coordinator) on 9534 0227 or racing@rmys.com.au