Our very own Ryuvin has won ORCV’s Apollo Race!

Owner Alex Toomey and crew-mate Andrew Hibbert have claimed first under AMS, PHS and Double Handed division. The brilliant display saw a win by a slim 14-second margin of Jason Close’s J133 Patriot.

Our other boats also did incredibly during the race

VAGABOND S477 skippered by Andrew McConchie with crew of Stewart Anderson, Rebecca Badenoch, David Helmore, Romain Machefer, Doug Charters, Steve Thompson and James Whiteley who have completed the ORCV 69th Apollo Bay race at 13 17 46

HOW BIZARRE S13 skippered by Scott Robinson with crew of David Guest, Damian Kininmonth, Leigh Brennan-Smith and Peter Amarant who have completed the 2022 Apollo Bay race at 14 03 17

ARCADIA S17 skippered by Peter Davison with crew of Dylan Oosterweghel, Sean Supanz, Barry Wilson, Ian Lyall, Yvette de Haan, Ciara Earley, John Rea, Duncan Beirers who have finished the 69th Apollo Bay race at 12 51 44