RMYS Virtual Sailing 13 Oct

Regatta RMYS Series 3: Week 4
Wednesday: With only about 18 knts of wind it was another week where the big boats seemed slow. 12 brave souls joined this week. Results were not as spread this week with the usual suspects of Corners, RemedyV and Carnie occupying the top 3 , the exception this week was Espresso taking out a 2nd and 1st, congrats to Steve Thompson 


Saturday: A good turn out this week to take the 49ers around the course. We had to go international to get any wind and it provide great fast and fun racing. A smaller fleet this week as the outside weather was nice. A good mix in the results again with a special shout out to Indra -Peter Carr taking out hos first podium spot 3rd. Over all there is a clear leader in the OD results (remedyv) but spots 2-4 are tight (Rollercoaster, Corners, Foedecki) . In the PHS the top 4 are only separated by 29 pts with RemedyV holding a 20pt lead but is early days.

COVID Club Challenge 3. Week 2 say a good turn out from RMYS and HBYC and the 49ers again  proved popular. Both clubs had results in the top 3 of each race. With only the 7 races done the OD results are tight with only 9 points separating 1st and 3rd. PHS results have RMYS in 1st and 3rd but again there is not much between the top 4


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Remember you can watch all the races on the Virtual Regatta site so lets have a good turn out to cheer them on.  

Sailonline – Uruguay – Cascais
The last leg of Sailonline’s Round the World Race 2020 takes racers from Punta del Este, deep in the South Atlantic, to Portugal’s Cascais on the North Atlantic seaboard. More than 5000nm of almost only open water, bar three easily avoidable, well-known island groups and Fernando de Noronha and Madeira, in our much-loved Orange 125ft catamaran. Started 2nd Oct
Current Standings:
1st Andrew Fisk (Fisky)
8th Greg Patten (Corners)
16th David Taylor (dtayls)
20th Ryan Marshal(Ryan9997)

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