RMYS Venue Management Report 10 Nov

I have finally made it to RMYs after shut away in Brunswick and I can’t believe how beautiful the sea is. It feels great to be back at Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron. Please note my RMYS polo shirt. I have been thinking about the club while on lockdown. I have some ideas for Friday nights. I have also tried to keep up to date by reading eBreeze and I will confess, I do not understand Virtual sailing but the online bingo looked fun.
On this Wednesday 11th November, Dylan and I will be in The Boatyard selling ice and takeaway beer. Matt and I had planned to get some catering happening. Menus had been put forward and Bar staff rostered but Covid- 19 requirements and the weather have been against us. As much as I would have loved to have fed you on the roof or in the Boatyard, the lack of cover, wind, the density restrictions plus the requirement for table service makes using those areas for dining very difficult. As the Commodore said in eBreeze, Covid-19 really has highlighted the need for a large useable outdoor space for members.
As RMYS venue manager, I can tell you that the Hospitality offering is severely impacted by Covid-19 requirements. This time last year we did over 100 meals as well as drinks for Twilight Dinner. The Harbour Room could be packed on Wednesday nights and sometimes we had to grab extra chairs. Currently, at RMYs we can only seat 40 people inside and 21 on the balcony for Twilight dinner.
We can generally predict that there will be more than 60 people sailing (weather permitting). We cannot, however, have more people in the venue than restrictions allow, so a bookings system is essential. Additionally, we will not be able to serve you, under the requirement for table service unless you have a seat at a table. Matt and I agree that booking for Twilight dinner during this Covid-19 period must be compulsory and we will prioritise those who wish to eat a meal. So many other venues and pubs have been forced to do the same. To ensure bookings for the Twilight Dinners, we are asking that a minimum of 40 seats are booked by the prior Monday night. Reluctantly, Twilight Dinner will be postponed once more, if not enough bookings are made. The booking requirement will stay in place until the final easing of density restrictions. Please book via email bookings@rmys.com.au to enjoy the renewal of Twilight Dinners.
Enough of the serious stuff. Let the new times begin. I am looking forward seeing everybody and to my third year working with you all. See you on Wednesday
Lesleigh McDougall
Venue Manager