While there is still no activity on and off the water, we are gradually increasing the number of staff working from the office.  There is plenty to do and we want to make sure we are well placed when (one day!) relevant restrictions are lifted. 

Jan is now working Tuesday – Friday 10 am to 4pm, Sharon who usually works Sunday and Monday is back Mondays only. After working from home I returned to the office this week, for three weeks including this week I have taken Thursdays and Fridays as annual leave however I will resume full-time next week.  Amy continues to work from home on reduced hours, Jean in accounts has been full time at home, commencing this week she will be in the office on Wednesdays.  Colin, Damien and Kuki continue full time as usual. The clubhouse remains closed, the ground floor toilets (not showers) are open.   Reception is closed however we welcome your contact via phone, email or even Zoom!  

We miss the members and the vibrant and cheerful mood you bring, winter Wednesday afternoons without the wonderful Mid Week Mariners are very strange.  The RMYS staff wish you all well and look forward to seeing you – hopefully soon.

Matt Solly