RMYS member Otis Myles-Malone

Last Saturday, RMYS member Otis Myles-Malone was injured during the dismasting of the RYCV yacht White Spirit during the ORCV Melbourne-Geelong race. Otis recently joined the Squadron and has been sailing on Sea Eagle, where he has already made himself a valued crew member. Otis sustained some fractured vertebrae and internal bruising and bleeding and was taken to hospital as soon as White Spirit returned to shore. He was released on Monday and, despite the significant injuries, is expected to make a full recovery over about six weeks. Our members, notably Cam Reed and the Sea Eagle crew, have been supporting Otis and I’d like to extend best wishes from all RMYS members and staff for his quick recovery and return to sailing.

This incident highlighted the strength of the sailing community in Victoria, with the ORCV’s excellent incident management protocols ensuring prompt and appropriate responses and good communication, the immediate and valuable assistance provided by nearby yachts, the effective response of emergency services, and the outpouring of support and concern from our members and the broader sailing community for Otis.

Charles Meredith,