The RMSTA Committee is pleased to report on a busy resumption of training post release from Covid lockdown; particularly for Keelboat courses. Dinghy courses are currently not as busy although enquiries are building. Dinghy instructor availability remains in short supply around the bay. We currently have two dinghy instructors and seven keelboat instructors. If you know of anyone interested in joining our group of instructors, then please contact Colin.

For those who may not know, the current keelboat fleet consists of two J24s included in the asset purchase from Windshift and an S80 “Georgia” recently bought privately from an owner in Portland. The RMSTA committee has always preferred S80s as they are favoured by instructors and are a more practical and effective boat for students.

The three keelboats have been booked solidly through December’21 & January’22 and the expectation is this will continue throughout summer. There are currently 19 training members, and this number is growing, a single boat could be dedicated just to training members to ensure they have access to the courses.

In last Thursday’s GC meeting an RMSTA proposal for the purchase of another S80 “Espresso” (which came on the market a week earlier) was approved.

Most members will be familiar with Espresso which has been competitively raced by owners Steve Thompson & Rebecca Irwin for a number of years. Espresso was sold 3 months ago and relocated to Blairgowrie when Steve & Rebecca purchased another S80 which they re-named “Double Shot” and is being raced in our club.

Espresso is in very good working order with a good wardrobe of sails, so to purchase for $2,000 less that what it was sold for only 3 months ago is a good result for RMYS. There is a lesson to be learned here; the purchaser of Espresso should have had a family meeting before assuming his two sons & wife would crew for him…., as it turned out none either has the time or interest in sailing!

Off the beach training in Optis & Pacers will be held during the summer school holidays, with Patrick Walby covering the majority of these courses. If you know of any school children looking at joining these dinghy courses, then please contact Colin.

Seasons Greetings

John Taylor  – RMSTA Chair