A grey day welcomed the folks joining RMSTA for training on Sunday. It was great to have our second keelboat course starting their day 1 and our first adult learning to sail dingy course in the pacers doing day 1. Our two instructors (Robert Murrylee and Mat Himlan) reported back a great day on the water was had by all.

Both teams were put through their paces with many drills including capsize drills for the dinghy sailors (I feel that if those that opted not to wore a wetsuit, they may do so next time).

Next weekend is also busy with a Keelboat course starting on Saturday and then Day 2 of the above courses on Sunday.

We are getting fantastic feedback on the training rooms and equipment as well as high praise for our instructors… go team keep up the great work.

It was also good to see Mat Himlan interacting with the Junior coordinator (Patrick Walby) sharing ideas and discussing what they had planned for the day.

For full course information and dates please visit our Training section of the website.

Instructors needed:
Been sailing for a while and would like to get into teaching? Give Colin a call to discuss how to become an Australian Sailing Instructor.

With all the courses we will be providing there is ample opportunity for anyone with an Australian Sailing Keelboat and/or Dinghy qualification to obtain work with RMSTA.