Since the handover on the 30th of June, it’s been all go getting things ready. With an Australian Sailing Site Inspection on the 22nd of July, the rack room and training room are undergoing a tidy up. New paint and carpets are on order and by the time the 22nd rolls around signage will be up, paperwork organised and everything ready to take on our first courses.

Instructors are, of course, the key to any successful sailing school and we have been reaching out to those currently holding an AS qualification. With a very busy calendar coming up, there is a lot of opportunity. So, if you are currently qualified or would like to discuss how to become qualified and work for RMSTA then please contact Colin at

The new Training membership is getting a lot of interest and so far we have 7 formal applications underway. For those unfamiliar with this membership, it is the perfect option for those looking to get training and club membership all in one package. With the weather soon to start warming up, we are expecting to see these numbers jump dramatically and with only 50 spots available in the first year it is well worth getting in quick.

for details of this membership please use this LINK

Upcoming courses: (Bookings required)


Course Start Dates
Saturday: 31st Jul, 7th Aug, 21st Aug
Sunday: 1st Aug, 8th Aug, 22nd Aug


Course Start Dates
28th August


Course Start Dates
11th September (numbers dependant)


Course Start Dates
30th October (numbers dependant)


Course start dates:


Instructors needed:
Been sailing for a while and would like to get into teaching? Give Colin a call to discuss how to become an Australian Sailing Instructor.

With all the courses we will be providing there is ample opportunity for anyone with an Australian Sailing Keelboat and/or Dinghy qualification to obtain work with RMSTA.