Recreational Boating Group Town Hall Meeting Summary

Justin Spangaro, 2 May 2022

A “Town Hall Meeting” was held on Friday 22 April to invite members to help come up with ideas for recreational boating activities that appeal to people interested in non-racing boating activities. A small but lively group attended, and plenty of great suggestions was put forward or sent in via email.

Recreational boating generally means non-racing on-water activities. Recreational boating is of course not limited to boat type (e.g. power or sail), although some events naturally fit better with either sailing boats or powerboats. For example, a trip up the Yarra under low bridges or a fishing outing obviously does not suit sailing boats so well, and similarly, long distance or ocean-going events may not suit all powerboats. Yet other events e.g. progressive dinners at Docklands suit any type of boat equally.

You may know that for a long time Pat Milwright has done a great job organising recreational sailing-focused events via the Sailing Committee. The focus of this Town Hall meeting was to think mostly about events that appeal to people keen to go powerboating, but where possible welcoming sailing boats (and sailors) as well of course.

These recreational boating activities fall under the work of the Member Services Committee, coordinating as required with Pat and the sailing committee. The Member Services Committee support recreational boating by helping coordinate and schedule provides access to club resources and connecting members to events. It’s all volunteer-based of course, so volunteers are essential to making things actually happen.

Here is a summary of the ideas that came up. As you can see, there are plenty of options. Do any appeal to you? Are there any events you would like to help organise, or do you have another idea? If so, reach out to the Member Services Committee and become part of an organising volunteer group.

  • Marina-based boat-to-boat “sundowner party” where the club community are invited to board and check out each other’s boats.
  • Powered cruise up the Yarra to Docklands with orientation around facilities
  • Genoa Day – invite the Genoa group out
  • Fishing outing
  • Squadron Sunday spectator boat flotilla
  • Various ideas under peer to peer skills and knowledge sharing
    • Skills training for navigation e.g. navigating through heads
    • Mentoring by, and learning from, other boat owners
    • Training each other, boat handling, mechanical maintenance etc
  • Anchor up off Portsea
  • Dolphin watching off Queenscliff
  • Short events
    • Treasure hunt
    • Navigation challenge
  • Help create/find crews
  • Powerboat academy to build confident vessel commanders
  • Cruise the Yarra/Docklands
  • Nauty weekend raft up e.g. off Wynham.
  • Williamstown trips e.g. Sunday session
  • Phillip Island (2-3 day)
  • Combined motor/sailing trip e.g. Flinders
  • ‘Adopt a sailor’ boating event (invite sailors out on powerboat)
  • Winery lunch (bus transfer from a marina) on the Mornington/Bellarine peninsula
  • Family-friendly events
  • Tour and overnight stays around the bay