Explore Docklands Outing

After a briefing in the Olympic bar at 10:30am, the RBG departed RMYS around 11:30 to explore docklands with 6 RMYS vessels which included a powerboat, racing yacht and sailing cruisers. A beautiful clear day with light to moderate northly, the flotilla practiced some communications on 72 and spoke to other RMYS resources via radio to ensure plenty of clearance for the juniors who were on the water also.

Heading up the channel we negotiated many other vessels including an outbound tanker and other vessels, the flotilla then slowed to a floating stop to observe fuelling and berthing options at pier 35.

We continued on to Yarra’s Edge with intention of a brief tie up at our 2nd location, due to the unusually low tide and excessive silting from the Yarra with recent rains, and lead vessel sighting 1.8 meters with two of the trailing vessels drawing over 2.2 meters. A quick decision by the organizer was made to abandoned this 2nd stop and proceeded to the 3rd and final stop at City Marina.

This was in itself a good exercise in seeing first-hand how the conditions can change and what options are available if a course correction is required.

Members tied up and were shown the facilities by the manager MJ at City Marina and given information on usage and booking berths, the event was finally finished off with a lunch and drinks at Cargo restaurant, before all vessels returned to RMYS at their own leisure.

It was a great day for our first official outing and plans are in plan for our next on and off water events.

Don’t forget about the Progressive Dinner in Docklands hosted by Pat Milwright on Saturday the 7th of Aug.

Article by Rob Ellis