Mid-Week Mariners Race 7 – 13 July 2022

The weather for our Mid-Week Mariners on 13 July 2022 was cool 13 degrees with a southerly wind and light showers. It featured a brilliant double rainbow which was photographed by our valued volunteer, John Taylor in the tower.

Double Rainbow aboard Arcadia, 2nd place in Div 2. Photo by Dylan Ooster

Double Rainbow from the Tower, Photo by John Taylor

The winner of Spinnaker Division 1 was Xit Strategy. Congratulations to Rob Date, Brad Jamieson, Aengus ODonnell, Mark Poole, Peter Smith and Chris Wilson!

Rob reported a breezy 21 knots out on the water and let us in on the crew’s secret to winning.

Whenever it rained, the wind went to the right and they responded with a starboard tack. This meant that as soon as the rain stopped, they tacked to port. Xit Strategy crew changed tact every time there was a squall and that must have made all the difference.

What about Best Start, we asked. “We made a conscious decision not to make an attempt at the best start because we had two bigger boats, [Antagonist and Spartan] that are generally faster than us. not necessarily faster around the course but faster from A to B,” reports Rob Date. “We wanted to keep out of their way from the start so we let them go and once they were gone we were able to focus on our own race.”

Congratulations to Revenge (William Levecke, Bruce Lloyd and Richard O’Beirne) for placing 1st in Division 1. Unfortunately, they were not available for an interview.


Brass Monkeys Race 7 – 16 July 2022

The race was abandoned due to a gale warning with expected knots above 40 knots. Matt Solly, General Manager reports, “the fish were getting blown out of the water.”


Interviews by Ann Rogers

Article written by Lily Robbins