Race Report – Week ended 10th November

News from the office

Not the best week for sailing (again) so this report will be short and sweet. We have some great events happening between now and Christmas and its still my aim to get the whole Twilight fleet on the water before Santa arrives, so lets all put in the order for 15kts and warm airs.

Cactus Cup: 23rd November. If you are planning on doing the race (and why would you not) then please also remember to register for the Mussels and Franks after. We need to know how many you have on you boat so I can allocate the correct number of vouchers. REGISTER HERE

Lipton Cup 16/17 November. A big thank you for those that have put their hands up to help run the on water races. If you are involved you will receive further information on Thursday. 

Sail Pass: What use to be call “Day Sail” has been renamed to align with what is marketed to the public. This system is now an online registration via our website, it will mean that we are able to have each Sail Pass person covered by AS immediately. Please try and take or have a spot available so we can get as many people involved as possible, make sure you all have a turn its a great way to find new crew especially for Saturday racing.  Remember to put you details on the white board.

Pursuit Course: RO and interested parties meeting will be held 23rd at 0900. Please can all RO’s and main volunteers please come to this quick meeting. Contact Colin at racing@rmys.com.au to confirm attendance . It will be held in Olympic Bar and last 30 mins . PLEASE ALSO NOTE THAT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE COURSE 15 WILL NOT BE USED

PPWSC: Port Phillip Women’s Sailing Challenge. First race is  Sunday December 1st. Online entry via RMYS website. You can do the whole event or just our race ENTER HERE

RMYS Race Results in Review

Wednesday Well again the weather gods where not on our side and the racing had to be abandoned due to the Gale Waring 

Saturday: Range Series Race 2: Again this was abandoned due to the Gale Warning that was in place.