Race Office Report – Week ended 29th March 2020

News from the office

With the on water side of things at a stand still we want to ensure that as a club we stay communicating with each other and getting ready for the new sailing season. I plan to use this weekly article as a way of keeping us all engaged. Each week there will be something to help keep your mind on sailing from quizzes to Q&A and very soon videos and podcast . Also reminders and industry news to help keep you up to date. I also invite you to be involved by sending in stories, pictures videos and questions.

As we are working from home the RMYS office phone is diverted so to contact us see below

Please contact staff on:
Matt                    0419531745                     manager@rmys.com.au
Colin                    0418240313                    racing@rmys.com.au
Damien               0412137183                    opsmanager@rmys.com.au

Some reminders for you over this time
1: Safety Category Forms – These expire on  30/06/20. Please ensure you have a fully completed new form for 2020/21 sent back to me via email. remember please complete all sections . Forms can be found at https://www.rmys.com.au/sailing/racing-forms/

2: AMS and IRC ratings. Please ensure you allow plenty of time to get these re issued we all know that it can take a while. I will update you with dates for measurement when they come to hand. 

3: Changes to Sail Number Rules


At the 2019 World Sailing meetings their Racing Rules Committee approved changes to the rules relating to sail numbers. The changes introduce a requirement that numbers be of a contrasting colour to the body of the sail.

The changes approved apply to rules G1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 and can be seen in submission 216-19 at https://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/21619RacingRulesofSailingRulesG1.2G1.3andG5-[25511].pdf.

The main thing that officials and boat owners need to know is that sail numbers will have to be of a contrasting colour. Boat owners who have sail numbers in a dark colour on a dark sail will need to have their sail numbers changed to something more contrasting by 1 January 2021. This problem is typically seen on ‘carbon’ sails.

Sail makers building new sails or doing repairs should also check the sail numbers and offer advice on whether the numbers need to be replaced with some of a contrasting colour.

Race officials serving on race, technical and protest committees may have to exercise some judgement when educating boat owners and crews on the upcoming rule change, and how to address it after 1 January 2021. Attention is drawn to G4 which guides a protest committee to warn and provide time to comply before penalising a boat.

RMYS Race officers will not record a time for boat that does not have sail numbers that comply  and thus you will be  allocated a DSQ to your results. We have been speaking about this for a long while now and have had plenty of time to affect any changes that you may need to. Please help us and our RO’s but getting onto this now so we can look forward to a great season.

Sailing Simulators: A number of members have asked if there are any sailing simulators that they might make use of and the answer is yes along with many great videos on you tube. Each simulator offers its own unique twist so its hard to suggest one over the other. One of these simulators that gets a lot of interest is Virtual Regatta. So depending on what you are looking for jump on line and have a look there are heaps to choose from.

Members Happy Hour: So just because the bar is closed it does not mean we can’t  a catch up for an end of week drink.. Each Friday 6pm – 7pm we will have RMYS online Happy hour. All you need to do is log on to Zoom and join the meeting, grab yourself a few drinks and catch up with your friends Then at 7pm we will run the members draw, you must be online to win. You will be emailed the meeting link Friday morning. You will need a computer with a Camera and microphone . This will start Friday 4th. 

Colin’s Quick Quiz
Each week I will set a Navigational type question, email me your answers and at the end there will be a prize for most correct answers.

Tidal Height Calculation:  
You arrive in a bay and want to anchor. What Depth do you  need to anchor in, so at the next LW  you have 0.8m clearance below your keel. Draft is 1.85. Arrival time 2030. Tidal Information.

HW   1800   2.0     LW    0000    0.5

Send answer to racing@rmys.com.au

Answer next week.

Guess the Mystery object:Lets have some fun. I will be setting the challenge of guessing the mystery boat part. Have started off with the easy ones and will make them harder as we go. Let me know What and Where you think this item is on a boat.  If you have any suggestions then please send them to me via email (jpeg) with answer and I’ll put them in. Answers will be provided the following week.

Send answer to racing@rmys.com.au

Crossword Puzzle: Jason McCutcheon has kindly put together a crossword to help kill the time. Again, once you complete it send it to me via email and I we will draw a winner each week oh and will also post answers each week… good luck and have fun