Race Office Report – Week ended 24th November

S80 Regatta: VOLUNTEERS STILL NEEDED.  I still need volunteers for this event. This is a great way to see racing from the other side. So I’m calling on all the racing teams in the hope they can help out over this event.  Contact Colin for more information and how to sign up. racing@rmys.com.au

First aid Training: We are holding a Provide CPR and Provide First Aid course Sunday December 8th. If you wish to get trained or need to do the CPR refresher then please let me know. Cost CPR $75, Provide First Aid $170. 

RMYS Race Results in Review

We had a fantastic evening for a sail with light NNE wind of 9 – 16 knts. With 46 boats taking part it was one of our bigger fleets and all the boats got around the course in plenty of time. 


Yamaha Generators Jo Johannesen – PHS
1 S180 OLEANA Howard Lokon
2 S371 B.O.O.T.S Boots Sydnicate
3 S1515 CLIPPER OF CAPRICORN Barry Thompson
Yamaha Generators Dennis Livingstone – AMS
1 S3227 ROLLERCOASTER John Taylor
2 S369 ELLIPSE Jack Setton / Albert Kaminsky
3 S28 SILHOUETTE Claire Scanlon
Horizon Sails Spinnaker I – PHS
1 S331 MARIE GRACE Paul Darcy
2 200 DINGO James Hutchinson
3 S301 CORAL LEE Tony Sparrow
Horizon Sails Spinnaker I – AMS
1 S149 XIT STRATEGY Peter Smith
2 S17 ARCADIA Peter Davison
3 S191 SALAMANDER III Monica Jones
Horizion Sails Spinnaker I – IRC
1 S17 ARCADIA Peter Davison
2 S191 SALAMANDER III Monica Jones
3 S149 XIT STRATEGY Peter Smith
Tonner Trophy
  Charlotte Ross Flood  
Harricks Best Start
  Rollercoaster, XIT Strategy  
Banks Best Elapsed time

Saturday: Bert Ferris Cactus  Cup.

At the commencement of the memorial service for Bert Ferris last Thursday, Commodore Charles Meredith announced the historic Cactus Cup will now be named the Bert Ferris Cactus Cup.

This honours Bert’s membership since 1944, his extraordinary service to RMYS and his deep knowledge the Squadron’s history and protocols. Bert competed in many Cactus Cups and he totally understood its origins and significance.

It was the almost perfect day for the race. The wind was too light at the start but after 15min delay we got the fleet under way. Its was a slow old race with many a boat thinking äre we going backwards”but they all got home in time for Mussels and Frankfurt’s.

The overall winner taking home the The Bert Ferris Cactus Cup Was The Bird – Christopher Harve. Well done team.

Bert Ferris Cactus Cup – AMS
1 S947 ESPRESSO Steve Thompson
2 S35 ARCHIMEDES Thomas Ely
3 S197 TAKE FIVE Jurgen Pfeiffer
Bert Ferris Cactus Cup – IRC
1 S411 ROCK N ROLL Stephen Barker
2 S9 JUNGLE JUICE Janet Dean
3 S8000 MOOD INDIGO Keith Chatto / Roger Byrne
Bert Ferris Cactus Cup – PHS
1 S823 THE BIRD Christopher Havre
2 S35 ARCHIMEDES Thomas Ely
3 S6 SUGOI Lee McRae



Sunday: Squadron Sunday. The last race for the year was held on a beautiful sunny day. 7 boats took to water for a quick lap and back in time for lunch

1 S301 CORAL LEE Tony Sparrow
2 S621 REMEDY Nadine Huels / Aurelie Chabrol
3 S179 MANDU Bruce Hocking

ORCV: Coastal Sprint  We congratulate Peter Davison on Arcadia 1st on IRC and PHS, 2nd on AMS. Full race results for the West Offshore Coastal Sprint – Western Port and return can be found here https://www.orcv.org.au/results/2019-20/