Race Office Report – Week ended 19 January

News from the office

The week that looked so promising did not turn out that way but its was still busy.. We had to Abandon Twilight racing due to a very bad forecast of gales and thunderstorms, but it was great to see some of the sailors turn up to take advantage of the dinner. The 2 Aggregate races went off without a hitch on Saturday and we also go involved in Sail Melbourne supplying William Patterson, Albatross and Killara. Lots more sailing to come this week and with FOS coming up the marina will be looking a bit light for a few days. Good luck for all those competing this year.

We also ran a rules night which was a great success and I thank all of those that attended and Monica Jones who arranged it, we will run another one of these before next season kicks off.

Twilight race Tomorrow 22nd. We still need many more spots for sail Pass this week please. Thank you to the 9 boats that have put their hand up but I still need many more spots as we have over 30 people that have already registered. I have 15 spots filled so  please see if you can take an extra person. Register here Twilight 22nd Jan 2020

Volunteers Still Needed. I still need volunteers for to sign up to cover our racing Feb, March, April racing, Roles are both in the tower and on the water. Its a great way to get involved with the club and as a sailor see the other side of the race course.

Dates needed to be covered February: 
8th Feb Range series on water – Crew x 3
22nd Feb – Ruth Nangle Tower Start only RO , 1 x crew 0830 start
23rd Feb- Jeanette Turnbull Tower Finish only , 1 x RO, 1-2 x Crew
Time TBC(late afternoon)

29th Feb Range Series on water , Drivers (WP and Albatross) crew x 4

Please use the link below to register your interest in joining the Volunteers crew RMYS Volunteer Program

Intention to race and Crew Declaration: This is now ALL online and in the one place . When you log on to do your crew declaration you can now let us know if you intend to race or not. Whats more if you need to withdraw  just log back in and select Not sailing/Have retired. Crew lists, as usual can, be added as you go and updated as many time as you need. Final crew declaration and intention to race need to be received 15 mins prior to official race start. Thank you all for getting on board with this. 

Any questions please call Colin 

Jennifer Goldsmith Trophy:  This fantastic race is happening 16th Feb. As usual there is a race followed by a lunch. This race is a separate entry so please enter know ENTER RACE Entries for this race are very light so please lets all get behind this great race and lunch.

What are you racing for

A crystal shard 160mm high with engraved yacht and wave images mounted on a 140mm high oblong rosewood block and base bearing winners’ inscription plaques around.

Presented in 2005 by the Goldsmith Family, a perpetual trophy in memory of Jennifer Goldsmith. The trophy is to be presented to the winner of the Lady Skippers’ Race held annually by RMYS.
The race is open to any RMYS yacht and prizes from Swarovski Jewellers are presented to Line Honours Winner and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the combined YV Performance Handicap Divisions.
The Perpetual Trophy will be engraved with the YV performance handicap winner’s name and boat name and presented at the RMYS Presentation Night.
It was first contested on Sunday 17th February 2005, when won by Helen Crossley skippering “Mystique II” and who retained it the following year.
Proceeds from this event are donated by RMYS to melanoma research.


Race Date Time  Club
FOS Passage Race 25th Jan 930 RGYC
Festival of Sail 25-27th  Jan   RGYC
Agar Wynne Trophy 28th Jan 1000 RMYS
LA Nangle/Les Norton Twilight R 4 29th Jan 1700 RMYS
Squadron Trophy 1st Feb 1230 RMYS
Range Series R 4 8th Feb 1330 RBYC
Big Bay Challenge 15th Feb 1000 HBYC

Note: Festival of Sails and Agar Wynne require a Safety Category of 5 or better. Big Bay Challenge requires a Safety Category of 5N or better

RMYS Race Results in Review

Wednesday: Twilight’s Race 2


Saturday: 2 Short Aggregate Races

A great day of racing, the fleet was small (by RMYS standards) but those that raced enjoyed 8-16 knts from the south and flat seas.

  Race 1     
1 S13 HOW BIZARRE Scott Robinson
2 S3227 ROLLERCOASTER John Taylor
3 S8640 MATADOR Murray McCutcheon
1 S13 HOW BIZARRE Scott Robinson
2 S9 JUNGLE JUICE Janet Dean
3 S369 ELLIPSE Jack Setton / Albert Kaminsky
1 AUS61 TIGRIS Ian Lodewyckx
2 S823 THE BIRD Christopher Havre
3 S313 WEEKEND OPTION Michael Culhane
  Race 2    
1 S13 HOW BIZARRE Scott Robinson
2 S9 JUNGLE JUICE Janet Dean
3 S197 TAKE FIVE Jurgen Pfeiffer
1 S9 JUNGLE JUICE Janet Dean
2 S13 HOW BIZARRE Scott Robinson
3 S17 ARCADIA Peter Davison
1 S18 SUNSHINE James Oosterweghel
2 S313 WEEKEND OPTION Michael Culhane
3 S9 JUNGLE JUICE Janet Dean