*Posts to Facebook

There’s been some valuable discussion in relation to the likely upcoming election here, but our social media policy aims to keep politics and policy matters out of these forums. However, given the COVID restrictions, I feel we should relax this until the AGM and allow such discussions. In discussion with the Flag Officers, we’ve decided that we will implement this temporary change to the policy in order to facilitate discussion about the elections.

No other parts of the policy will change so posts that are rude, disrespectful or attacking individuals or the Squadron will remain not acceptable. Chats on Facebook will still NOT be used for official dissemination of information – this will be done via email, the Members sections of the website or eBreeze as appropriate. Otherwise, feel free to keep chatting as you have been up to now.

Please understand that GC members and our staff are not monitoring FB all the time so don’t expect instant responses or even responses on every issue. It will be up to individuals as to how, when and if they respond.

Also please note that we will not be responding on the Red Book app. This is no longer functional for all members and is no longer supported. The company that runs it has told us they will turn it off at some stage but this has been delayed by COVID and we have no idea when this will be.

Charles Meredith