One of the joys of St Kilda is the diverse and colourful population, and one of the nightmares of St Kilda is the diverse and colourful population…

As the weather warms up, traffic on the Pier increases dramatically, with many locals and visitors enjoying swimming and taking in the views, particularly now Parks Victoria have installed fingers in the Public Marina.

The warmer weather unfortunately also brings more incidences of people attempting to access the marina and arms, by either climbing gates or swimming around. Recently we have had two such incidents (that we are aware of) of unauthorised access to the marina and in at least one instance to vessels.

In one incident, thanks to the keen eye of a Member (thanks Nick, “Mischka II”), a person who had been sleeping aboard a yacht was identified trying to re-board the next day and was subsequently removed by Police.

Can all Members please ensure that your vessel is locked, and unauthorised access is not possible. Unlocked hatches create opportunities that may lead to increased problems if some people believe that all (or many) of the boats in the marina are easily accessible.

We will be installing a sensor light at the Main Entrance, which will hopefully at least alert anyone to the presence of the cameras.

We will also be keeping the Main Gate closed to general public access as long as we can.

Unfortunately there is little we can do to prevent access by swimmers. Locked vessels may at least help such instances by making such efforts pointless.

If you do notice any suspicious behaviour, please note the location and time, and contact Damien.

If you have any questions, please contact Damien.