Pier Road – Fox Sports Filming Monday 17 February

Fox Sports productions will be filming on Pier Road on Monday 17 February 2020 starting at 12midday-6.00pm.  They will also be using RMYS committee room and bathrooms plus the bridal room.


Filming will take place on Pier Road between the hours of 2pm until 7pm. Prior to this time the will be setting up Pier Road, however access for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians will be maintained until filming commences.


Fox Sports have advised this project involves a vehicle driving and persons walking and playing with a football on Pier Road.  For the safety of all persons involved, they propose to have traffic management personal on Pier Road.


Fox Sports will ensure that all traffic management personnel are briefed to organise full access.  It may be that vehicles entering Pier road from the south end via The Esplanade can be escorted through the filming area.  If the vehicles come in this way during the main filming times which are between 3pm and 6pm, it may be that they will be redirected around to the north entry of Pier Road.