Ashley Shoup joined RMYS recently saying “I joined as a social member once relocating back to living in a city apartment after working abroad for a decade.”

“I lived and worked on cruise ships for 8 years as a piano player and eventually became Music Director on Holland America Line, initially sailing the New Zealand crossing and then Mediterranean, Baltic, Atlantic, Caribbean, Panama, Alaska, and Pacific ports. Later I switched to Conductor for Broadway shows and Piano Bar performer on Royal Caribbean Cruises which had up to 6,000 passengers and 4,000 crew on board.”

“I have sailed on yachts before as a passenger in various international cruising locations. The last time was while in Sydney for a musical rehearsal. I am keen to crew and do some training in keel boat sailing soon. My family has an inflatable Hobie tandem peddle Kayak and a SUP rigged for kayaking which is handy to pack in the car to take out to lakes and rivers in Victoria and interstate on road trips. My young dog has become quite water obsessed from riding it.”

“I arranged to visit pre-Christmas on a Wednesday, which happened to be a race night, and met quite a few people who talked about being crew on races and the starting of an under 35s program called GEN OA which has some extra events coming up. I was invited by some members that were volunteering as Covid Marshalls that night to join them on their boat on the New Year’s Eve marina event so I accepted and had a fun night. After that Jan [Hurst], who had been my email contact initially, was helpful in pointing me to online links that advised me of other events. After I signed up to those weblinks, I received an alert for the next Wednesday needing a volunteer to race spot in the tower. I volunteered and then met more people and found out about more links I can add on Facebook that can keep me updated on happenings I can join.”

Ashley helped in the tower last Wednesday night and was a great addition to the team. She stayed at the club for dinner and met a few more people. She also learned that members are eligible for foreshore parking permits; Jan provided the necessary letter; and had the permit issued by our local Council.

She says, “My Dad lived on a boat in Honolulu yacht harbor during some of his university days. My Mum was involved as a family yacht club member in her teens in Mt Eliza and said it was a great experience, even when her family didn’t have a boat of their own. The multi-generational, family friendly vibe appealed to me.”

If you are a new member then take Ashley’s lead by volunteering at the tower and talking to Jan and others who will set you in the right direction.